Snow Angels

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I love snow, if i could i would live some where where there is nothing but snow ........ EVA. 
I mean i hate hot weather, you get miserable and sweaty and hot and just YUCK, did i mention Yuck?
And if you dont have AC you are just screwed.
I was not planning on posting again until January since i am officially on Christmas break, ya know pesky RL stuff to do!
But this thing popped up on my FB page and i hated Sabina Gully for a split second cause , uuuuuuuuuh so cute Hair.

And then i needed a dress and wings and ...... yea you know how it is , 45 minutes later Frisland was calling my name.

Cuppy is wearing:
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
[PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure
* Stelloane Azazelle White dress 
Magika - Sparkle (w/ lights)


Merry Christmas from Frosty and Me

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Every Year i make a Christmas Card for my SL friends , I will admit i struggled with it this year. My Christmas spirit has yet to make an appearance in both Worlds and it shows. 

So instead of the whole Christmasy shebang i usually have i decided to dig out my trusty Mr Frosty to keep me company while staring at the amazing Blueberry Build that you can get for free when you join the group. Frosty Junior is part of Label Motions Subscriber gift for December so go grab it ! The Hair is from your trusty friend Truth Hawks who again did an incredible job to bring you something cute ! ( lol yes i have been secretly stalking him  for 6 years! ) and it is his subscriber gift.
Sweater came from Pixicat in 4 colors i chose red to match the hat + Hair and Hightops from Strive
And that my dear friends concludes today's entertainment. 
I hope you all have a great Holiday and a even better New year.
<3 Cuppy


Baby it sure is cold outside..... feat Arcade and Fifty Linden Friday finds

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With the Arcade in full swing for the December round i figured ah why not another Holiday postie, you all are going to hate me soon. 
So lets sing......' The weather outside is ?! frightful? ehh no not here lol. ' But its morning here and im on my second pot of coffee, so jammies, coffee and Christmas cheer it is! 

As you can see im on this weird white kinda shabby chic kick which is unusual but hey i will run with it and see what happens!

I think it came out nicely and just enough kitch to be adorable 
 Look i even snagged a puppy doggie at the Arcade and i am really not a dog much work!
So here is the dealio, The Arcade is a must, no matter what you think, you can always do your Christmas shopping there.
And this weeks Fifty Linden Friday is just "YaY n stuffs"
Im a sucker for cutesy and detailed stuff, in most cases highly inappropriate inside jokes accompany those *points at the All i want for Xmas sign and the knitting needles on the ground*

Set up, ok this list is long my fingers are going to hurt after this:

 Current Arcade finds:
Ariskea [ Petite Paris] Side table White
Trompe Loeil : Mistletoe Vintage Jar, Hammered Silver Snowflake, Hammered Silver Tree, JOY Light-Up Letters, Advent Calendar 2015 yep i used the calendar because it is just to darn cute, Reindeer Cutout Wall Art
<:*BoOgErS*:> Carol Bear Blue
dust bunny   ruffle rug, pom pom blanket
-tres blah- Cozy Winter - Sapling
[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas - Fireplace

R(S)W The Little Drummer Manny
Garbaggio // All I want for Xmas is Shoes - White 
both part of the Christmas gifts under the tree 

O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Santa's Helper

Fifty Linden Friday finds:
LISP - Mesh - Thistle Chair Light Leather
+Half-Deer+ Stringlight Clutter - Loose Coil
{what next} Holiday Eggnog, Christmas Cookie Box 

Misc. old Arcade and random Gacha Items:
dust bunny porcelain deer coal . Christmas tree RARE
Trompe Loeil  NOEL Letters With Branch Wreath,Snowflake Pillow Bunch
*ionic* Fiesta Camera
=Zenith=Vintage Fancy Little End Table (tiffany)

Cuppy is wearing:
R3VOLT!- Saya Footie PJ's [V2] Maitreya
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
[PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure
Magika - Darkness Falls

Ouch i swear my fingers are about to fall off!

BTW i named the Puppy Baby! 


Merry Christmas ......... just a little early

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Its been a year i tell you, through out it there have been many hurdles and obstacles BUT we have almost made it.
It is rare in this world we are in to find some one who understands and supports you let alone find some one who you love so dearly that you call them family, well at least for me it is.
Some one who you trust beyond your computer screen and who is more then "just a game" to you, i can honestly say i can count on one hand how any people i let in that far.

Bamboozles and i were off to a rocky start for several reasons, but eventually we both gave it a shot and i am glad we did. Who would have thunk it ( yes thunk, deal with it lol) that over a year later we would be sitting here every day in some shape or form talking about our days, our families , RL and SL, our dreams and hopes, and share laughter, tears, hurt, loss and worries?

She has been through a crap storm with me this last year, never once wavering in her support of me with out knowing all details and never asking for more then i was willing to let her know or see. More then likely rolling her eyes at me or going WTF Conni?! She has worried about my kids and on more then one occasion has listened to me bitch moan and complain about them, cause lets be honest , i do that A LOT! And i'm not even kidding about that. 

Our common love for coffee and just off the wall weird sense of humor, maybe even just a tad bit inappropriate, is what ,we both can agree on  that, brought us together. But is not what defines this friendship of ours, if you ever asked me what does i could not give you an answer, not because that is it but because you simply can not define a bond between people as close as we are. Its the little things that matter, and those little things build up to big things.

And that does include conversations like this one :
 Đεℒűşiøℕαℒ Ƈűƥɕåƙę (contempsit): where do you want to take piccies? i can put my snow dome up
 Bambi Foxdale (norahbrent): I have the skybox from col88 wanted to make a living room. But I like your idea
 Đεℒűşiøℕαℒ Ƈűƥɕåƙę (contempsit): with or without trees?
Bambi Foxdale (norahbrent): We're out in the snow in our undies... lol Let's have trees lol

Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica w/ Belleza Keira Catwa Applier Sun Kissed
Eyes: IKON Odyssey Eyes - Moor
Hair: ARGRACE Santa Hat

Skin: Pink Fuel Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes - Cornflower
Hair: Magika Darkness Falls


Cleansing Waters feat. Argrace, Cheeky Amour and {anc}

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With the Christmas holidays around the corner and a New Year looming most of us tend to look at things from a different angle then usual.
Some make New Years resolutions that dont get kept, some wallow in Holiday Blues and others dont think twice about anything and just go ahead their daily lives like it was any other day. Lets face it together. The feeling of being appreciated and thought of is something easy to give some one.
May it only be a simple 'Hello' it is not so hard to do, I sure as hell will try to make sure the people i hold dear and close in SL and RL know that i think of them and that i appreciate them.

With that comes the "cleansing" of things that makes your Life "toxic" for the lack of better words. Dont get me wrong some things are out of your control and there will always be something thrown at you that will bring you down a notch, but that does not mean you can not try to make things brighter around you, put a smile on a persons face, and that simple task starts with yourself.

Take this time to "cleanse" yourself so you may be able to show a person you care about that you are there and that you do appreciate them.

Cuppy is wearing:
Ribbon Bra and Panties from ^^Cheeky Amour^^ New Release this is only part of it the rest didnt fit the theme lol
Hair *ARGRACE* Akane - Misty
Body :
Maitreya Lara
Slink Hands Casual
No Mesh Head , still not willing to spend that much on one lol.

{anc} ripple. oil one of my favorite Deco Places besides 8f8...... just saying.
Sculpted Waterfall Screen by inVerse

Uh let me get back to you with that cause i cant remember what it was called 


Thoughtful feat. Junebug, Amacci and Failure to Thrive

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Have you ever had one of those days where you space out and just think ? 
I am pretty sure we all have had those.
Well it has been a week both SL and RL and today i just needed a me day, time to reflect and think, to just go and smell the roses , so to speak.
And as usual when i am in a crappy mood i end up somewhere off the wall on the grid, today it was again one of my favorite hiding spots Failure to Thrive. I honestly can not thank Storm enough for building this! 

I have no idea if i was blind last time i came or if she is secretly adding random things, but this just made me giggle , a lot. 
And by now you know me i had to just try it out !

Dont ask, i am just saying i was in one of those moods ! 

The eerie quiet always gets me , the random sounds and even though at first glace it is creepy it is still beautiful .

It does help that i had just went to *{Junbug}* to have some much needed retail therapy and Peoples shes having a sale ! i mean HELLO!

Cuppy is wearing:
The Ice Queen's Mink Coat in Snow *{Junbug}*
Alva Hair Amacci i got it from the Hair Fair this year , but it is out now as a freebie in store! 
Maitreya Body with [PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure Appliers
First Body suit is Sugar ^^Cheeky Amour^^
Panties are part of my Christmas Outfit i'm working on, so hang tight there!

As usual piccies can be found on my FLICKR


A little D/S Lovin Pt.2

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We see it all across SL every day, Doms with their Subs or Pets leashed to to them dragging them across Sims thinking that that is what is supposed to get them to be respected (insert laugh here) or going up to some one offering them collars for what ever reason (insert dramatic eye roll), their subs and pets live in the illusion that they are special.
So let me explain my definition of collaring, most of which can be applied to online . Collaring is the Term commonly used  in The BDSM Community, it carries The same Type of weight and depth of Commitment that a Wedding Ring does, it does not matter What Form Of BDsM you practice it is a universally recognized symbol of being in a committed relationship.

Traditionally, when a sub is collared to a Dominant they are owned, they become his cherished possession and he becomes responsible for guiding them, their behavior, their training and nurturing their mind, body and soul, so to speak.
This is an enormous responsibility and not one to be taken lightly as he is responsible for the overall well being of a person, and handle wrong can cause quite some damage. It is a deep, serious and committed relationship that could last a lifetime and as such should never be rushed in to. The Sub needs to understand  what the collar means to prospective Dominant, so both of you can enjoy this journey together, to collar and accept a collar should be an honor for both of you. Hey but who am I  kidding right? It is after all a virtual world where one can be what they like.

 In SL ,online or  in general there are many different collars and meanings.
Here are three that can easily be implemented in to SL :  
Collar of Consideration: Traditionally this one is given at the beginning of a relationship it shows an interest in the submissive beyond that of an acquaintance.
Collar of Ownership: It is a sign of commitment to each other, like i said earlier , compare it to a wedding ring.This collar is the highest value, should be treated with respect and not given with with out serious thought.
Slave Collar: This one is permanent and given to a slave and it may not be removed by anyone but the Dominant.

No matter which collar you choose, remember what it represents and treat it with respect .
Most in SL treat  it as a casual thing collaring as many and to whom ever they can or have a new Dominant/Submissive every week, those people are frowned upon inside and in some cases become a joke. You will find players, fakes and predators in every lifestyle you choose for yourself , that does not mean every one in that life style is such person or that every dom/sub you meet in SL is a fake ( insert raised eyebrow here ' dont ask') 

With that said i am done rambling for this post.


Let it snow! no i meant go i swear! feat. Telrunya (location), Truth, Gawk!, CATWA, *TD*,GIZZA and Hilly Halaan

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Since apparently I am on my own this week, I decided to take the chance and take a walk around Telrunya to look around and see what i could find before restarts hit me with a hammer of lag.

Well let me tell you , snowball fights with myself are not cool! nor Fun! so i goofed around a lot ...... hitting random afk people and hoping i don't get caught doing so.

That is until i found this! 
An Ice Castle ........... ok really what girl did not dream about her own castle as a little girl? Some of us still do *points at herself*
I mean LOOK ..*sighs* but then my grown up side yells at me and says " and who will clean that thing?!" oh Boy , Adult me can be a party Pooper i tell you!

And I really could not let the opportunity pass to play around .

First Outfit for Cuppy......
UGG Boots from  Hilly Haalan 
Sweater with Shirt  Gizza
Legins Gawk! 
Ear Muffs Old Gacha 
Hair Damaris [Pastels] byTruth Hair Old Arcade 

Second Outfit for Cuppy........

Hair CATWA HAIR Princess
Gown from Tiffany Designs its a freebie with Maitryea and Omega Appliers

Now go take a look around Telrunya and join their Photo Contest to win L$ 



A little D/S lovin

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This is not a discussion of a life style , but more me stating my beliefs and what i have learned . It is not meant to insult any one or put them down but an attempt to bring some loving and understanding to it.

Let me start by something that is close to me the term Submissive.
I am a Submissive , a Baby Girl Submissive ( lol yes there is a difference and i might go in to that term on another post), most people consider submissive people weak, fragile, not able to think for themselves and obedient.
Now seriously for those of you who know me does that sound like me? I am neither of those! 
As a submissive I aim to please as a Baby girl I try to push the boundaries.

Now let me say this :
Submission is not a sign of weakness or inferiority. Some of the strongest, most successful people in the world  are submissive in their personal relationships. 
Neither  does Submission indicate a lack of intelligence or motivation. Most submissives are very intelligent, creative and are highly motivated people and in most cases very successful in their career.  

Submission is not a hidden desire for pain or humiliation. Some people may turn to the D/s or BDSM lifestyle in order to fulfill their needs for these things but there are many more gentle, loving individuals who are quite happy not to receive either humiliation or pain, for me a mix of both is the key.
Submission is not the same as passivity. Submissives are not passive. They participate actively and are thinking individuals.So if you want some one who shuts up and "takes" it you really should rethink.
Submission is not something that can be demanded or forced. The definition of the word means it is a willing act. A submissive submits because they have chosen to do so, not because someone forced them. 
Submission is not a miserable state of existence. Most submissives are happy, well balanced people who are simply fulfilling their nature. 

There is a difference between Submission and Slavery, roll your eyes all you want but there are distinct differences! 
 All slaves are submissive but not all submissives are slaves. A submissive has not given up their right to choose but has given some of those choices to another to make for them. They have input into their relationship and maintain their identity, a slave has neither. 

Submissives are not sex crazed nymphomaniacs who cannot control their drives. Most are husbands or wives, mothers or fathers, friends, neighbors, workers, or family members who have a need to relinquish control of some aspects of their lives to someone they trust. It isn't a sex's a condition of the heart. And trust is the key, if you can not trust some one to not take advantage of your submission to them then do not do so out of the desire to belong or please.

A Submissive is a  person who surrenders control of herself/himself  to her/his dominant. The submissive, while putty in the hands of a dominant whom she trusts and respects, is likely to be independent and assertive in any other area, and while respectful towards other dominants is still not a lifeless doormat with out will or rights.


Winter Wonder in The Land of Lycans

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This time of year things start getting colder, or are already freezing cold! Thanks Giving around the corner for my american friends , Hanukkah and Christmas following right behind! 
Getting in a snowy mood now? No? Well then Land of The Lycans might change your mind. Around this time of year Alpha Moon's Pack Land turns in to a Winter Wonder land. 

               No Children allowed, it is a fantasy RP Sim after all and                            Bloodlines are active on the sim

Please pick up your Welcome Package at the Landing point and respect the rules of the pack land, you are after all only a guest!
So when you come to the NO ENTRY signs Please respect that. This is after all their home, you would not want some one snooping around your personal space now would you?
 Land of the Lycans is also home to Club Lumenos with events running and live DJ's

 As you can see there is plenty to see and admire, so say Thank you Alpha Moon for sharing their home with you while you are there visiting


Time changes you feat Baby's Ear (location)

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Time changes you, you are different now then you were yesterday, a few weeks ago or even last year. 

Welcome to Baby's Ear , one of the sims belonging to Nevacrystall. 

From farm to coastal view 

All in one pan of your camera Neva has outdone herself again!
But is it honestly such a surprise ? I have visited many of her builds and each one shows her perspective and creativity in such a unique way they are a joy each time.

UH playground!.... that's my kinda fun!

Bath anyone? i am pretty sure you will have to share that tub with some creepy crawlies ! ......... uhm no thank you

If you need something relaxing and wonderful go ahead and jump on over to Baby's Ear.


Peaceful feat. Zenith, Label Motion and Memento mori (chouchou)

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I am a firm believer that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that you can have peace of mind  where ever you are you just have to hold on to the beauty you see and once in a while smile.

Chouchou's Memento mori is one of my Happy Places in SL, the Duo has a few builds in SL but Memento is my favorite, has been for years actually. To me is both beautiful and haunting at the same time and honestly just sitting there and admiring the work that went in to this is worth the trip every time.

When i finally got the =Zenith=Nineteenth Century Long skirt & Headpiece - RARE from Vintage Gacha i was all exited because i had the pictures and post already in my mind , i was just missing a piece or two to make it perfect.

And that is where one of my all time favorite Posemakers came in Label Motion . I remembered a while back she had participated in the Wayward carnival and there i found the Pose pack with perfect Wings! But the poses in the pack were not going to work for what i had in mind but i went looking in my really messy inventory for the pack i wanted , its called Petals.

I hate to toot my own horn here but i do think the pictures came out great and exactly what i wanted with minimal editing 

                                      Cuppy is wearing
                                  Label Motion - Wings
                               pr!tty - Lilah - Group Gift
=Zenith=Nineteenth Century Long skirt & Headpiece - RARE 
                   **RE** Raven Collar - Key - Female

                First three pictures are build in to my AO 

          Last one is from the Petal pose pack by Label Motion

And at last shout out to the dutch dork who keeps distracting me while i attempt to write this ! 


The Witchy Way feat ^^Cheeky Amour^^,Pr!tty, Label Motion and Blaze Halloween Sim

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So since i have been having issues with my Store prim Count i had to go find somewhere to take these pictures.

I decided on Blaze's Halloween sim , because well it was just cheesy and cute enough to work for what i wanted .

It was the headstone that caught my eye lol, i was in a crabby mood and this one just seemed fitting for it!

I spend Days contemplating on what to do for Halloween this year and i must say i think it came out ok for being thrown together in a matter of an hour .But i hate to be the bearer of bad news i did not make System clothing or SLink Appliers so it is for Maitreya only.

                                        Cuppy's Outfit:
                                  The Witchy Way by ^^Cheeky Amour^^
                        Hat, Crow and poison bottle included
                           Hair pr!tty - Kaylin - group Giftie
                            Label Motion - Fall*ing Pose 4
                                      subscriber Giftie 


Little Harley all grown up

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Yes i am THAT kind of geek or nerd or what ever you want to call it. 
I watch cartoons , i read comics , I play video games (now im not big on console games! but i do play them) and I have always loved Harley Quinn, to me she is the ultimate Baby girl.
She is loyal, sweet, adorable and just enough psychotic and crazy to make her not boring .

Well she was as the original Character any way. There have been so many versions of Harley i lost count but with Suicide Squad coming out we see another version and i like this one best.
Now try going around SL trying to find a somewhat decent creator who does not make a costume look like a cheap POS .
It is a chore i tell ya. I am picky and i mean really picky with what Cuppy wears!
So here I am browsing MP and poof there pops up this hair , i was squealing so loud i swear my neighbors heard me!
From there i just went with it, I was on a mission lol.

After going through MP trying to sift through junk and stuff that did not fit what i had in mind, i finally succeeded in finding what i wanted! 

And OH OH some one even went through the trouble of recreating the shooooooooooooooes! 
You have to love some one who goes through that trouble! 

Lets not even get in to the Makeup and scratches and bruises , there are so many out there and most look really fake.  Dont worry i will link these.

                                        Cuppy is wearing:
                   [RunAway] Harley Hair Harley make up included 
                    ..::IMMORTAL::.. Suicide Tribute - Damaged
                        Ama. A rough night (scratches and Bruises)
                              ~.~)Koi Chi` Battered face Tattoo
Inkside-Harley Quinn Black baseball bat w/shoulder animation

And just because Dorkface told me i was wrong with my statement saying Harley was more then a groupy to Mistah J 



~~Waiting~~ feat. Catwa, SHEY, ^^Cheeky Amour^^ and *Ionic*

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Boredom struck and these must have FMB's popped up on my Facebook News feed. I admit i have quite a few pairs, mainly for pictures cause Hooker boots are not generally a style i go with for Cuppy but these were FREE with a really neat Color HUD and yea Dorkface likes hooker boots.
So uuuh yea they aren't that bad and actually kinda cute.

I had to jump over to Catwa and check out her New Mesh head and snagging the demo i decided to grab one of her new Released hair , because lets be honest i haven't liked much of her stuff lately but this one i adored and after seeing the price for the head i needed a pick me up ( i am not willing to spend that much just  yet lol)  

                                           Cuppy's Outfit
SHEY Talin Boot (free with Group, and 5 more pairs of shoes )

                                   CATWA HAIR Princess 
                                *Cheeky Amour *Lace Suit

                                       *ionic* nostalgia
                                //elephante poses// Fierce #3