Merry Christmas ......... just a little early

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Its been a year i tell you, through out it there have been many hurdles and obstacles BUT we have almost made it.
It is rare in this world we are in to find some one who understands and supports you let alone find some one who you love so dearly that you call them family, well at least for me it is.
Some one who you trust beyond your computer screen and who is more then "just a game" to you, i can honestly say i can count on one hand how any people i let in that far.

Bamboozles and i were off to a rocky start for several reasons, but eventually we both gave it a shot and i am glad we did. Who would have thunk it ( yes thunk, deal with it lol) that over a year later we would be sitting here every day in some shape or form talking about our days, our families , RL and SL, our dreams and hopes, and share laughter, tears, hurt, loss and worries?

She has been through a crap storm with me this last year, never once wavering in her support of me with out knowing all details and never asking for more then i was willing to let her know or see. More then likely rolling her eyes at me or going WTF Conni?! She has worried about my kids and on more then one occasion has listened to me bitch moan and complain about them, cause lets be honest , i do that A LOT! And i'm not even kidding about that. 

Our common love for coffee and just off the wall weird sense of humor, maybe even just a tad bit inappropriate, is what ,we both can agree on  that, brought us together. But is not what defines this friendship of ours, if you ever asked me what does i could not give you an answer, not because that is it but because you simply can not define a bond between people as close as we are. Its the little things that matter, and those little things build up to big things.

And that does include conversations like this one :
 Đεℒűşiøℕαℒ Ƈűƥɕåƙę (contempsit): where do you want to take piccies? i can put my snow dome up
 Bambi Foxdale (norahbrent): I have the skybox from col88 wanted to make a living room. But I like your idea
 Đεℒűşiøℕαℒ Ƈűƥɕåƙę (contempsit): with or without trees?
Bambi Foxdale (norahbrent): We're out in the snow in our undies... lol Let's have trees lol

Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica w/ Belleza Keira Catwa Applier Sun Kissed
Eyes: IKON Odyssey Eyes - Moor
Hair: ARGRACE Santa Hat

Skin: Pink Fuel Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes - Cornflower
Hair: Magika Darkness Falls

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