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You got to love it when you jump in to your besties box and say ' Ok this is the outfit i am wearing. Deco Ideas?' And her first and ONLY suggestion is ....... unKindess  Fetish Wall Display .
Awww you know me so well Bambioozles! 
It is my thing. Often enough in SL you see Bondage furniture, equipment even Fetish clothing that is half assed or cheap looking. If you want Quality you have to pay, but let me tell you it is worth every Linden Penny and every minute of your time to go looking.
Bondage does not have to be ugly and outdated or horribly made, it can be beautiful and artsie you just have to spend the time to find it.

unKindess Wall Display Mirror and Holders
PILOT Romantic Candlesticks
Artisan Fantasy Capturado Flogger,Whip, Paddle, Crop

Cuppy's Outfit:
Slink Hands
Glam Affair Gabriela (asia) Appliers
IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
PROMAGIC Slutty - Panties and Pasties
EMPIRE  Alstroemeria - Maitreya
[RA] Mona Hair - Fitted


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