A last hurrah for Shabby Tabby

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Shabby was one of my first sponsors for this blog, and I am grateful to Rosemaery for taking me on even though I am sure she could have had better .
I loved her style and the little adorable shop and i was sad getting the notice saying she is closing and I understand her reasons.
So this morning I sat down and just going through the stuff she has send me and picked out some of my favorites to share with you.

Avignon Mirror,  Avignon Table, Asiatiq Lantern- Blue, Wall Flower 1&5, Whiskey + Lace Chair, Whiskey + lace Bench,  Whiskey + Lace Decor,  Whiskey + Lace Shelf, Whiskey + Lace Pouf, Spring Fresh Table,Spring Fresh Birdcage Candles,  Giverny Candle, Rusted Luxe Art, Rusted Luxe Bed, Rusted Luxe Screen, Otobe Tiles,  DOTF Rug
Soy for the Arcade
Shitamachi Alley Garden - Potted Plant - B, Shitamachi Alley Garden - Potted Plant - M, Shitamachi Alley Garden - Potted Plant - K
tarte. for the Arcade
lighted terrarium (gold)
junk. for the Arcade
metal churn light

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