Pulse Fundraiser

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 The Pulse Fundraiser  opened its doors today with 100 creators and designers, each booth has something to contribute! 
Go check it out! 
This is the original picture i took at Elysion but even for my taste it was a little to dark to see all the details.

So i went ahead and took some simple shots 
Cuppys is wearing:

CATWA HEAD Jessica  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hands and Feet Slink with Glam Affair Appliers  Alessa ( Asia )
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
Hair D!va Kelly

Pulse Fundraiser 
Head Piece and choker are Bauhaus Movement 
Dress and Mask  Luas  Anya Silver - Limited Edition only available at Pulse Fundraiser 
each booth has something where the proceeds go to Equality Florida 




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So i was really iffy about joining Luxe Box in May and kicked myself in the butt for it i signed up for June and even if you do not like every piece in the Round it is still well worth it.
FLECHA/Black Jack is killing me this week with their releases this one is for Lost&Found

Cuppy is wearing

CATWA HEAD Jessica , Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara and 
Slink Hands with Glam Affair Appliers  Alessa ( Asia )
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
Hair Exile Go
FLECHA/Black Jack  Kira dress Denim - (Maitreya) and Hat 

Luxe Box June 
Scarlet Creative  Alaouite Skybox  
tarte mina poolside collection 

misc. decor
tarte watering can light 
soy  Potted Cactus Opuntia
*CJ Creations   Pink Bush in Stone Planter 
Zen Creations Rumpled Towel
Beach towels by Anpuli Design  which i could no longer find either MP or in world links for 



Lets do Vacation ?

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Summer is here and with that Travel is too, the stress the worry and then the fun! 

In SL travel is as easy as TP away and you can go where ever you would like all year around! 

Over the weekend , which i had been indisposed for, FLECHA/Black Jack came out with this awesome Travel Agency Gacha for the Cosmopolitan Event . 

Take a look and hopefully it will inspire you to go travel throughout SL and explore, and maybe even try your luck on the Gacha machine.

 FLECHA/Black Jack Travel Agency  for  the Cosmopolitan Event :
Building RARE,   Wall Logo, Publicity Posters,  Earth Wall Publicity, Agency Table, Flyers Dock & Calendar,  Agency Printer, Blue Chair,  Desktop paper calendar,  Red Chair, Couch

Background , my skybox 



Oh so pretty!

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So my wonderful pixelated bum spend way to much on the Arcade ....... Again! Go figure huh? And still did not get my house ( curses violently). But i can furnish and entire house with extras from Scarlet , lol! (or2) Logging in this morning I had every intention to work on my store , i DID i promise lol. Did not happen lol, instead Flecha decided to drop this awesome Gacha set, for JACKPOT GACHA, in my lap and off i went . 
Not to mention the Panty Shoppe has this cute little number out and yeah uuuuuuuuh so purdy ! 

Set up
FLECHA The Dresser set :Dressing cabinet, Drawers table,  Pink Lamp,  Handmirror ,Closet Rare,  Shoebox (inside the closet), Coat Rack, Colored lamp, Wall mirror, Soap set
Scarlet Creative @ the Arcade :  Nerites Bed,  Nerites Small Cabinet,  Nerites Wire Chair Metal,  Nerites Plant, Nerites Telephone 
Scarlet Creative from May's Luxe Box Aria Cottage 2 
+Half-Deer+ Blossoming Birdcage,  Messy Blanket/Rug
Dust Bunny  pom pom blanket

Cuppy is wearing
CATWA HEAD Jessica , Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara and 
Slink Hands with Glam Affair Appliers  Alessa ( Asia )
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
Hair, i went ahead took stole Bambi's red hair and i have to say it takes some getting used to having red hair again on Cuppy, but this is [RA] Waterfall Hair for Hairology gift
The Lingerie set of course is from The Panty Shoppe Paradise Lost Black


Home Whimsy Event,

Watercolor fun

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Shabby Tabby brought out this really cute wicker water color set for Home Whmisy Events !
Add a little more Shabby Tabby and sass  from Jersey Shore and there you , you have an adorable little tea/coffee corner !

Shabby Tabby for Home Whmisy Events 
Giverny Table,  Giverny Candle, Giverny Chair

 sass  from Jersey Shore
[jersey shore] word art,  [jersey shore] decorative shelf

Shabby Tabby misc
Watercolor Sofa, Bucket Of Roses


[ zerkalo ],

The Entry

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Rosemaery did a wonderful job with her set for LTD, as soon as i unpacked i knew what i wanted to do with it, throw in some Dust Bunny, Zerkalo, Knick Knacks and jersey shore and eh voila ! This is it.

Jersey Shore   sass [jersey shore] rug
Shabby Tabby Avignon Screen, Avignon Mirror,  Avignon Table for LTD: The Event ,  Spring Fresh Coat Rack
[ zerkalo ] Memories - Ottoman - Light, Hidden Gems - Flower Vase
 Knick Knacks  flying curtains - white lace
Dust Bunny wanderlust branchchandelier(current Arcade round) , flower cabinet



It's a freaking Circus i say!

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I don't know about you, but around here spring/summer time brings out the crazies. It literally is like a dam circus here minus the elephants, tigers and cotton candy. You see things you wish you hadn't not to mention hear things you definitely can live with out, I mean really don't people close their freaking windows?! I think you catch my drift here, no need for details! Just saying I will never ever look at my neighbors the same way again !

But enough of my lovely, and I will use that term lightly here, neighborhood of circus folk! You clickied that link to see some awesome stuff from Jersey ShoreArcade and Exposeur( which btw is having a closing sale until end of the month)!

The Set up:
 Jersey Shore : Cabana by Culco 
Arcade  : {Reverie} #4 - Head in Hole Hip, #8 - Joker HaHa Knife Wheel, #11 - Popcorn Paint, #12 - Bucket Orange, #15 - Prop Harley
Exposeur : Circus Wall Sign, Just Like A Circus - Hula Hoops, Pose It's Casual 4 

Ok I will give you a run down here 
Cuppy's entire outfit besides the hair and cellphone is from the Jersey Shore Event 
!IT! Summer Hat 2 and Surfer's Necklace ( Thank you Aina!!! ) 
::Sweet Intoxication::  Owlie Set - Gold - Necklace,  Shelby Dress - Aqua - Maitreya, Sana Beaded Sandles - Slink Flat 
..::..CC..::.. Psycho kitty nails for Slink
Koala Galaxy Bracelet comes in 6 colors

CATWA HEAD Jessica  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hands and Feet Slink with Glam Affair Appliers
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
Hair Magika  Summer



Summer Sun and Beachie Things

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So i apologize for the quality of pictures here, my monster is down for at least a week, the video card busted this morning.
Never fear ............ i ordered a new one asap! 
More Jersey Shore! 
Lounging out in the water getting an awesome tan, well in my case that would so be a sunburn! But still awesomeness ! 
Floaties are from Petite Plunder  and the bathing suit is ~=Distinction=~ found at Jersey Shore

 *Runs around singing* "I feel pretttttttty  oh so prettttttty" 
ok no singing i promise ! jeeees some people have to be critics 
Dress with Hat ~EccentriciXi~ JS exclusive ! 
mmmmm yummi more suits i love this one , just saying i might not take it off for a while lol.
Jumper from Tameless available at Jersey Shore in four colors! 

Hair in 1 and 3 is !Oleander ~  Clio from the current  Arcade  round 

Hair in the second is my trusty  Magika Dusty

CATWA HEAD Jessica  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

Hands  Slink with Glam Affair Appliers
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight


!Twisted Glam!,

a little shore fun

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Yes i have more Jersey Shore Event stuff for you! Oh i know you are so exited to see this! 
But not only that i also have some !Twisted Glam to offer ! 
So if you have not done so yet you need to go check out Jersey Shore Event and Twisted @ OutTheBox Bi Weekly (dress) and The Saly Room (heels). Full credits below as usual! 
                               Ipose  All about that Ass at Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Event : 
[blissiere]   boardwalk day pass - black(bracelet) Gacha ,  skipper's hat - boss - RARE, skee-ball tickets - RARE
.Facade. Bite Me FRESH Tattoo Applier for Maitreya 
AppleTini Fairness Nails - Slink & Maitreya Appliers
Scandal Fashions Summer Jetski

!Twisted Glam:
at OutTheBox Bi Weekly the lace cross dress with 12 color HUD 
at The Saly Room Zara Heels (maitreya worn here) also come 
with a 16 color HUD 

CATWA HEAD Jessica  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

Hands  Slink with Glam Affair Appliers
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
Hair little bones  Fears 


Shabby Tabby

Planting time

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Next up we have the Planting Shed from  Shabby Tabby. A perfect fit for any one who has a garden! 

Flower pots are included in the set , rakes and watermelon seeds are already in the shed! 


Black Kite,


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FLECHA brought out these totally awesome vintage toy collections ! 
And let me tell you the best part can ride them !
                                Picture taken at Black Kite 
The Bike comes in eight color choices. The toy Car has seven color choices and a choice of UK or American flags! Tricycle four color options each with or with out flag.



Welcome to the Shore

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Evil Bunny Productions Jersey Shore Event Kicked off Saturday !! And here is some of the things you can find there........ 

Cuppy is wearing: 

CATWA HEAD Jessica  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

Hands  Slink with Glam Affair Appliers

Hair Magika  Summer

Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight

Jersey Shore Event :
[Splendore]  Tiara Flowers White GIFT
Xxxtasi Nose Chain star silver
~Tantalum~  Beauport Bay Necklace 1 
sass   [stella] aqua MAITREYA
*Nerdy Girl* ( love the name btw) Jersey Shore Heels  comes with a Texture HUD for oooooooh so many customization options! 

But not only does the event have clothes but Deco too! 

 Sophisticate Home Decor : Lifeguard Umbrella, Lifeguard Chair, Lifeguard Floatation Ring
Petite Plunder Husky Fun Surfboard, Yellow Inflatable Mattress - CLASSIC, Green Pool Tube - Immortals
[blissiere]  f-cove swan float - black

Location ^^Cheeky Amour^^