Lets do Vacation ?

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Summer is here and with that Travel is too, the stress the worry and then the fun! 

In SL travel is as easy as TP away and you can go where ever you would like all year around! 

Over the weekend , which i had been indisposed for, FLECHA/Black Jack came out with this awesome Travel Agency Gacha for the Cosmopolitan Event . 

Take a look and hopefully it will inspire you to go travel throughout SL and explore, and maybe even try your luck on the Gacha machine.

 FLECHA/Black Jack Travel Agency  for  the Cosmopolitan Event :
Building RARE,   Wall Logo, Publicity Posters,  Earth Wall Publicity, Agency Table, Flyers Dock & Calendar,  Agency Printer, Blue Chair,  Desktop paper calendar,  Red Chair, Couch

Background , my skybox 

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