Failure to Thrive (Location)

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Today i had the urge to go explore and ended up with a desktop full of pictures all in all it was 37 of them 23 made it to my FB and FLICKR.
The Place that struck me was Failure to Thrive 

I Have a nack for finding off the wall places and up on arriving at Failure i already knew this was perfect for me and for what i had in mind, and i took dorkface along with me <3.
Along the Sim you will find doors like these , each one with a phrase .

We spend a good two hours here looking around and just enjoying the macabre beauty. And all in all it makes me really wonder what goes on in the designer head , and why she went to this extend and i admire Storm Septimus for her vision .

Even more i admire how she is able to take some things that separately are just plain creepy and turn them in to something like this

So if something out of the ordinary tickles your fancy (YES i went there lol)  head on over and see for yourself the eerie beauty that is Failure to Thrive


The Witch is in! feat Second Spaces,Trompe Loeil,=Zenith= and N-core

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What do you do when all this great stuff drops all at the same time? 
If you are me, you go and take a page out of Bambis handbook and start building around something specific and see what happens ! 
Halloween has always been my favorite Holiday, even though we really do not celebrate it here. I have toned it down quite a bit over the last few years in RL , but in SL i get all giddy when that time of year rolls around.
Now combine C88 with kustom9 and i was just squealing in my seat lol.

!! Follow Us!! Halloween '13 - Ravens birdcage 
Mesh Plants Pumpkin 1
Kalopsia - Flying Paper
         Below are available at C88
Second Spaces - Coven Hall Stand - teal 
Soy. Table with Drawers (Aged Dark Wood)
[Toiz] tarot lamp
Trompe Loeil - Le Fay Cottage & Garden 
{NANTRA} Secret Treat 2 Wand
                                       Cuppy is wearing

Witch Hat by RedPoly Shop

          Below are available at C88
=Zenith= Muted Coven Dress (Milk) -Maitreya
little bones.  Spectre

{NANTRA} Secret Treat 3 Broom

N-core ALEXANDRA "Fatpack" for Maitreya Lara available @ Kustom9 


Music is Life feat. Tres Blah, what next and Bazar

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Music is a great thing, in many cases it can lift you up and bring you down.
I have always admired musicians, and by that i don't mean those wanna be pop stars and crap you see today all over the dang place, I mean real talent and hard work, the ones who write and compose.
 I have known a few very talented RL DJ's who know how to use an old style turntable and can outmix the newer generation on their laptops and programs with ease and with out breaking a sweat.
Those are the people that deserve admiration.
Now do not get me wrong i dont judge those who think otherwise and i will never discredit DJ's in SL , because they do work hard and deal with BS and i know quite a few who have real talent. SL is just their Platform, like it is mine and i am glad to share it with them and enjoy the tunes they bring us.
                             Today Cupcake is wearing               
                               Mesh Body Maitreya Lara
                                          Hands Slink
  Shape Carolina by .:: Delusions ::.  which no longer exists I am sorry to say :(
                     Skin Crystal Doll v2 by [Pink Fuel]
            Facial Piercing Hebenon Vial: Against the Stream [Ink] 
            Shirt by ^^Cheeky Amour^^ : Friday Night
Hair by Exile for The Arcade September Round Sugar and Spice: 1. Blondes
           Headphones Crazy Kitty *CK* Lets have fun


         LOVE Marquee Text Cobydot Products
          Music is Life Decal Potatoes Decoration Studios
          Sideboard with records {what next} 
                          Radio Tres Blah 
         Headphones and Cassettes  Stockholm Set Bazar 
    Box DJ with records : Tampon Tenk (no longer open)


Get Lost in Serenity feat. Serenity Lost ( Location) Reign and Pr!tty

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I love RP the darker and creepier the better !
You can call me twisted if you like and that is ok!
We all are a little twisted in our own ways.
A little over a year ago i came across Serenity Lost 
I have watched it grow and change continuously as Trina and her Team work tirelessly to give you a true feeling of being lost .

Once you land on Serenity you will be prompted with a group invite ( L$ 250) and asked to fill out a Sim Application to make sure you understand the rules of the sim . Once all of that is taken care of you should go get your either predator or victim HUDs , or both, and you are almost ready to play! some set up is required 

  In the middle of the sim you find a adorable little town, well at least I think it used to be adorable at some point, now its something you would not want to be caught in the dark in, wait it is always dark in Serenity.

owner Trina with Staff member Set and Patron Zach

The Bar seems to have been the hangout at some point and even now the Staff of Serenity and the Patrons try to make you feel uhm welcome? Yes Welcome was the word i was looking for *chuckles* 

Mr Zach stalking some one 
 if you are brave enough go take a look around peek in to the even darker corners of Serenity 

 but always make sure t be aware of your surroundings 
Some one could be lurking outside a window watching you and waiting for you .
 Today I ended my visit quietly watching the sun enjoying the peace and quiet that you can find even at a place like Serenity Lost , you just have to look hard enough!

Today Cupcake is wearing               
                               Mesh Body Maitreya Lara
                                          Hands Slink
  Shape Carolina by .:: Delusions ::.  which no longer exists I am sorry to say :(
                     Skin Crystal Doll v2 by [Pink Fuel]
            Facial Piercing Hebenon Vial: Against the Stream [Ink] 
                             Hair pr!tty  - Lilah - {Group Gift}
   Shoes with Socks REIGN.- Dolly Plats- Black for FaMESHed
                     Dress GV_Flare Skirt Overall With Bralet