Music is Life feat. Tres Blah, what next and Bazar

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Music is a great thing, in many cases it can lift you up and bring you down.
I have always admired musicians, and by that i don't mean those wanna be pop stars and crap you see today all over the dang place, I mean real talent and hard work, the ones who write and compose.
 I have known a few very talented RL DJ's who know how to use an old style turntable and can outmix the newer generation on their laptops and programs with ease and with out breaking a sweat.
Those are the people that deserve admiration.
Now do not get me wrong i dont judge those who think otherwise and i will never discredit DJ's in SL , because they do work hard and deal with BS and i know quite a few who have real talent. SL is just their Platform, like it is mine and i am glad to share it with them and enjoy the tunes they bring us.
                             Today Cupcake is wearing               
                               Mesh Body Maitreya Lara
                                          Hands Slink
  Shape Carolina by .:: Delusions ::.  which no longer exists I am sorry to say :(
                     Skin Crystal Doll v2 by [Pink Fuel]
            Facial Piercing Hebenon Vial: Against the Stream [Ink] 
            Shirt by ^^Cheeky Amour^^ : Friday Night
Hair by Exile for The Arcade September Round Sugar and Spice: 1. Blondes
           Headphones Crazy Kitty *CK* Lets have fun


         LOVE Marquee Text Cobydot Products
          Music is Life Decal Potatoes Decoration Studios
          Sideboard with records {what next} 
                          Radio Tres Blah 
         Headphones and Cassettes  Stockholm Set Bazar 
    Box DJ with records : Tampon Tenk (no longer open)

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