The Witchy Way feat ^^Cheeky Amour^^,Pr!tty, Label Motion and Blaze Halloween Sim

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So since i have been having issues with my Store prim Count i had to go find somewhere to take these pictures.

I decided on Blaze's Halloween sim , because well it was just cheesy and cute enough to work for what i wanted .

It was the headstone that caught my eye lol, i was in a crabby mood and this one just seemed fitting for it!

I spend Days contemplating on what to do for Halloween this year and i must say i think it came out ok for being thrown together in a matter of an hour .But i hate to be the bearer of bad news i did not make System clothing or SLink Appliers so it is for Maitreya only.

                                        Cuppy's Outfit:
                                  The Witchy Way by ^^Cheeky Amour^^
                        Hat, Crow and poison bottle included
                           Hair pr!tty - Kaylin - group Giftie
                            Label Motion - Fall*ing Pose 4
                                      subscriber Giftie 


Little Harley all grown up

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Yes i am THAT kind of geek or nerd or what ever you want to call it. 
I watch cartoons , i read comics , I play video games (now im not big on console games! but i do play them) and I have always loved Harley Quinn, to me she is the ultimate Baby girl.
She is loyal, sweet, adorable and just enough psychotic and crazy to make her not boring .

Well she was as the original Character any way. There have been so many versions of Harley i lost count but with Suicide Squad coming out we see another version and i like this one best.
Now try going around SL trying to find a somewhat decent creator who does not make a costume look like a cheap POS .
It is a chore i tell ya. I am picky and i mean really picky with what Cuppy wears!
So here I am browsing MP and poof there pops up this hair , i was squealing so loud i swear my neighbors heard me!
From there i just went with it, I was on a mission lol.

After going through MP trying to sift through junk and stuff that did not fit what i had in mind, i finally succeeded in finding what i wanted! 

And OH OH some one even went through the trouble of recreating the shooooooooooooooes! 
You have to love some one who goes through that trouble! 

Lets not even get in to the Makeup and scratches and bruises , there are so many out there and most look really fake.  Dont worry i will link these.

                                        Cuppy is wearing:
                   [RunAway] Harley Hair Harley make up included 
                    ..::IMMORTAL::.. Suicide Tribute - Damaged
                        Ama. A rough night (scratches and Bruises)
                              ~.~)Koi Chi` Battered face Tattoo
Inkside-Harley Quinn Black baseball bat w/shoulder animation

And just because Dorkface told me i was wrong with my statement saying Harley was more then a groupy to Mistah J 



~~Waiting~~ feat. Catwa, SHEY, ^^Cheeky Amour^^ and *Ionic*

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Boredom struck and these must have FMB's popped up on my Facebook News feed. I admit i have quite a few pairs, mainly for pictures cause Hooker boots are not generally a style i go with for Cuppy but these were FREE with a really neat Color HUD and yea Dorkface likes hooker boots.
So uuuh yea they aren't that bad and actually kinda cute.

I had to jump over to Catwa and check out her New Mesh head and snagging the demo i decided to grab one of her new Released hair , because lets be honest i haven't liked much of her stuff lately but this one i adored and after seeing the price for the head i needed a pick me up ( i am not willing to spend that much just  yet lol)  

                                           Cuppy's Outfit
SHEY Talin Boot (free with Group, and 5 more pairs of shoes )

                                   CATWA HAIR Princess 
                                *Cheeky Amour *Lace Suit

                                       *ionic* nostalgia
                                //elephante poses// Fierce #3


[Pink Fuel],

~~ Chained ~~ feat. Epiphany,[RunAway], Kibitz (formerly Pekka)

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I am a total Gacha addict , it is so bad that i have so many Gachas that i forget i have them and randomly find them in my inventory :( .
So The Epiphany comes along and makes things SO much worse! 
On this one i got really lucky and did not spend as much as usual and got all the pieces i wanted fairly quickly 
I personally love well placed Chains and i am a sucker for Pearls, so this set was screaming my name .

                                       Cuppy Cake is wearing 
                                  Maitreya Body 
                                  Slink Hands 
                 Pink Fuel Crystal Doll Skin
              Hebanon Vial :Against the Stream Piercing
                         #34 from :::TATTOOED:::
                       [Runaway] Silva Hair Pastels
Kibitz - Gin Set mix of Gold and Copper available at The Epiphany 

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The Epiphany runs through November 2nd , so head on over and check it out !


Beetlejuice?! feat. {what next}, DRD, Pure Poison and tres blah

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So i have finally found a couple of hours to get this one done!
Between Linden Labs continuous Lag fest , stupid people bugging me and RL I finally sat down and did this one ! YaY n Stuff!!

I totally love Beetlejuice, its one of my favorite Halloween movies and i am a totally proud moma this year cause my oldest has chosen Beetlejuce as his Halloween Costume! ( WOOHOO)

After spending way to much at C88 and Bambs yelling at me NOT to buy this chair and that couch (shhh dont tell her i did) this is what my wonderful mind came up with. 

The entire time squealing like a little girl lol cause i love this 

and yummmi Cupcakes!

Scene Setup
all found at C88 
DRD: couch, table, crazy clocks, lamp, tea set and Chair
{what next}:Witching Hour table and Cupcakes 
Pure Poison: Planty Couch

Cuppy's outfit for this one is from C88 too ( lol go figure) well besides the awesome shoes, tattoos and Hair
tres blah: Top and Skirt found at C88
Truth Hair Ryleigh (new release)
-TATTOOED= tattoo #34 (new release)


Dare to Dance feat.Shai and Chateau Village

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Phew , its been a week and a weekend lol and i finally found some time to check out this round of C88. Let me say one thing ........... Beetlejuice! ( sorry i had to , and those of you who have been know what i mean)
Shai brought you some totally adorbs Skelly avis , i mean omg they are just to damn cute ! 
And what would i do with out my favorite Ginger by my side ?! 
They kind of remind me of Nightmare before Christmas . 

After our little Photoshoot i had to run and just logged at  Chateau Village, a Modern Fantasy RP sim created by Lokhe Angel Verlack and his better half said she only helped a little Mizaki Verlack ( the other Cupcake).
I managed to snap a few Pics before Linden Labs Tuesday Lag fest killed me.
For more Info follow this link >>>Chateau Village Website

The Catacombs are prefect for Ghosting around !

Be careful what you clicky you might end up like me in the middle of nowhere all alone and skeered!

I will return to finish this project when Linden Labs Lag fest Tuesday is over !

But there is nothing better then dancing with your favorite Ginger and a big boney hug.! And with this i dare you to dance! 


Breast Cancer Awareness Month feat. Caliente and Harry

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Bright and early this morning the chicken butt Harry decided to challenge all his female ( funny how he only got the girls!)friends on FB to post Boobie Pics for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, i mean he did not even let me finish my first pot of coffee.
Im no chicken i did it not because Harry challenged me but because it is personal to me. But i got to give him just a little credit here he did pose for a moobie pic himself 

Eh i have seen better moobs Harry , jus sayin!
my reply to his challenge was hmmm im not so sure i did not really love any of the shots i took but hey you cant always love all your work. Right?

Now Cal had to chime in , I love Cal (most of the time) i mean who does NOT love a Lemonhead and im glad he did point this out .
Here ya go old Man <3 


Good Bye Boom clothing feat. Magika and Dirty Princess

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Boom has been one of my all time favs in forever and i was sad when the creator announced that its closing, let me say C88 will not be the same.
Boom had anything from cute to sexy and classy but as we all know RL comes first and my hope for Boom is that Aranel Ah one day returns and brings me so much more cute stuffs to wear! and drool over <3

and yes we can all guess where this was taken , my newest obsession lol.

close up just cause

                                 Cuppy is wearing

Gown:*BOOM* Angel of Love gown
Halo: *BOOM* Divinity Halo (rose gold)
Shoes :Dirty Princess Cruel Summer Princess Heel White ( thank you Dorkface <3)
Poses build in to my Maidenly Grace AO by Kuso
Hair :Magika  Darkness Falls with out Hat *NEWNESS*