Little Harley all grown up

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Yes i am THAT kind of geek or nerd or what ever you want to call it. 
I watch cartoons , i read comics , I play video games (now im not big on console games! but i do play them) and I have always loved Harley Quinn, to me she is the ultimate Baby girl.
She is loyal, sweet, adorable and just enough psychotic and crazy to make her not boring .

Well she was as the original Character any way. There have been so many versions of Harley i lost count but with Suicide Squad coming out we see another version and i like this one best.
Now try going around SL trying to find a somewhat decent creator who does not make a costume look like a cheap POS .
It is a chore i tell ya. I am picky and i mean really picky with what Cuppy wears!
So here I am browsing MP and poof there pops up this hair , i was squealing so loud i swear my neighbors heard me!
From there i just went with it, I was on a mission lol.

After going through MP trying to sift through junk and stuff that did not fit what i had in mind, i finally succeeded in finding what i wanted! 

And OH OH some one even went through the trouble of recreating the shooooooooooooooes! 
You have to love some one who goes through that trouble! 

Lets not even get in to the Makeup and scratches and bruises , there are so many out there and most look really fake.  Dont worry i will link these.

                                        Cuppy is wearing:
                   [RunAway] Harley Hair Harley make up included 
                    ..::IMMORTAL::.. Suicide Tribute - Damaged
                        Ama. A rough night (scratches and Bruises)
                              ~.~)Koi Chi` Battered face Tattoo
Inkside-Harley Quinn Black baseball bat w/shoulder animation

And just because Dorkface told me i was wrong with my statement saying Harley was more then a groupy to Mistah J 


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