!Twisted Glam!,

Waiting feat. Black Cats Poses and !Twisted Glam

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Since i am on a roll here , i figured why not another one ? 
I've had this pose set in my checkout cart for ages waiting to find the perfect outfit to go with it. Picky me i know, but why not? 
And eh Voila Veri outdid herself with the Body suit , like uuuuuh me likey and yes i did black AGAIN because i am in that kind of mood. 

I got the shoes and Socks a while back from Reign and the Collar is from an outfit from Crazy Kitty. Yes i wavered from my usual Hair creators over to Exxess.

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers

!Twisted Glam : Lust bodysuit Black 
REIGN:  Dolly Plats
*Crazy Kitty*: Dark Ego Mesh Collar S

Pose Set from 
Black Cats Poses Comes with Doors


Dirty Minds .... Feat. !Twisted Glam

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Here I am at 4.30 AM my time, every one I usually hang around with is in bed like most "normal people", and I am again attempting to sort through my inventory (HA, good one i know).
On my third cup of coffee I remembered ooh yes Veri send me some tops , lets take a look! 

OH La La La La ! 

These are the two that suited me best , don't you dare roll your eyes at me! I did debate on a Halo but even i thought that would go to far lol.

You can find these and 8 more at her store in world !Twisted Glam.



Lazy Day

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For me it is rare to have a weekend where i can sit on my Laptop goof around with friends i seldom get to see or even have peace and quiet to set up something, so when i actually do get a Saturday or Sunday i'm all exited .

Took me a couple of hours to get things the way i wanted and after that trust me i did not want to move and wished i could do this in RL , Bubble bath, candles and wine ...lots of it!

Ok maybe not that much wine cause i am pretty sure some people would be doing a happy dance if i drowned in my bath tub being drunk, and ya know i cant have that happen !

Set up took a couple of hours for this , mainly because my inventory is a mess ( if some one knows some one who wants to fix that ! *) and the lag Monster was crazy bad ( some one is running a mass amount of scripts and junk around my place , i so need to figure out who)

FLF Finds for 2/19/2016

DIGS Hortensia Towel Rail - Brass, - Bathroom Floor Towel,Hortensia Bathroom Shelves - Brass, Hortensia Hand Towel - Brass,Hortensia Mirror - Brass
brocante. leaning ladder
*Funky*Junk* Shelby Cottage
{what next} Heart & Flowers Porcelain Candle

.Whimsical. An Inspired Event
::ChicChica::: Nona Gold Table,Nona Lustre Pink RARE

Misc. Decor 
.random.Matter.  -Spirit Set - Candles [Black]
PILOT - Bathtime [ Gold ],  Bathtime Tray [ Toys ],Get Shit Done Frame, Bathtime Faucet [Gold]
{vespertine}- motivation board / colors,trinket box /14
Trompe Loeil - Ines Branch Screen
dust bunny . melted candle,. ruffle rug
*YS&YS* La Cantina - 08 Wine Set
*~LT~* Love The Wine Chalk Board Sign
+Half-Deer+ Stringlight Clutter 
!! Follow US !! Sexy box (Adult content),Bathroom - You and Me V2
NOMAD // Amore Chair, Cello // .03, Amore Bust


I deserved that !

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As children we are thought that spanking is always a form of punishment, you are not supposed to enjoy it or even ask for it.

As adults our outlook can change, spankings can be sensual, punishment, reward and many other things depending on the person. There is a time and place for spankings and never should this be done in anger.
I do not believe the true eroticism of the act itself is purely in the physical, it takes our brains to get in on the act itself before one can fully enjoy it in a deep and emotional way. Spanking itself is an art learned , practiced and requires skill.
Whether it is giving or receiving the mind absorbs the physical aspect and incorporates it in to our thoughts and fantasies.
It is a power exchange of sort between two consenting adults. The "spanker" must control his urge to prove his masculine pride because that would kill the fun. " It hurts." is not a phrase that should be associated with spankings the aim is a warm, glowing and throbbing sting that is slowly build up and hopefully gives both of you pleasure. 


Oh just Bite me ! feat. !Twisted Glam

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Ah we all have our off days and today was mine , I was cranky and annoyed,  some people  can be oblivious to that fact and  just keep going and going and going and i try my hardest to be nice and not just rip their head off. The people who know me well enough either chime in and are moody with me or leave me be.

So here i am going through my horrendous inventory ( 78k ) and remembered "oh wait Veri send me some Tops " there are very few things that get a girl more exited then clothes, well besides chocolate I mean c'mon! And behold, this one was Perfect for my mood.

A little Avi tweaking and eh Voila there we go. 
She has eight different ones at !Twisted Glam and they are all just adorable , but this one just fit me to well ! 

The Panties are going to be part of my Release for ^^Cheeky Amour^^ next week and i will keep you posted on when they are done 

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
!Twisted Glam :Cherry's CroppedTop *BiteMe*
Hair: Analog Dog style 42 color Splash


Shabby Tabby at the Garden

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So its time for something fresh and cute, i know Valentines is over but the Home and Garden Expo is in full swing and Rosemaery brings you some really cute stuff for your garden or home.

*Shabby* Watercolor Pouf,*Shabby* Watercolor Pouf 5,*Shabby* Watercolor Pouf 3, *Shabby* Watercolor Sofa, *Shabby* Elafunt Luv Light, *Shabby* Pretty Posey Light, *Shabby* Love Soars Light, *Shabby* Je taime Light,
*Shabby* Bucket Of Roses, *Shabby* Twin Hearts Light
Gacha Items:
*Shabby* Elafunt Luv Balloons (RARE),*Shabby* Cup Of Love, *Shabby* Spring Love Pouf 1, *Shabby* Hugs Sign, *Shabby* Love Sign, *Shabby* Kiss Sign, *Shabby* Spring Love Pouf (2,3 and 4), *Shabby* Cupid Art 2,*Shabby* Cupid Art 1

RFL H&G Expo 2016


!Twisted Glam!,

Hugs and Kisses

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For me Valentines is nothing more then a Hallmark Holiday, call me bitter if you like, but i dont think showing some one you care about them should be set to s specific Day of the year it is something you should do no matter what. Not with extremely overpriced pieces of jewelry  or flowers or chocolates, it is the small things that count way more, a little gesture specific to you personally that lets the other person know how special they are to you.
With that said I actually went ahead and sucked up my inner Anti Valentine bi*ch and did some specific shopping and Thanks to some talented Creators i found some cute  Deco and and something to wear :P

And yes i finally sat down and spend the money on a Catwa head, I like it but its something i need to get used to as i think it makes Cuppy look to adult * wrinkles her forehead thinking*

Set up:

Shabby Tabby :
XOXO Wreath for  Crazy Valentine hunt
Romance Heart stool 
Sweet Kisses Bouquet
Gacha Garden Event
Room divider grey
Decor box blue
True Love - Box wRoses
True Love - Pillow
True Love - Table

50L Friday Sale 
 Lighted Pathway - Heart 
 Spilled Candy Hearts
Message - Poster 1 
 Amelie Bookcase with decor

Misc. Decor
Stringlight Clutter - Heart
Hatsuyume / flower branch
Valentines Gift  (Lantern with Rose)
 Love is a candle light ( free )

#GalentinesDay - 3 with bunting For Gacha Garden

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Lace Lingerie Pink and White
Mona Hair for we<3 RP
Sovereign Eyes
 Jewelry_Textured Hearts Set Earrings 



Home in the open feat. Shabby Tabby

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Shabby Tabby is part of The Challenge for Builders group this rounds theme is Farm and let me tell you this set is just to damn cute and right up my alley with the design and color scheme.
It just makes you feel all summery.

And i think most of us could use some warm and summery mood right about now, well i know i could, cause its freaking cold and nasty out again!

So now ya'll know where i will be spending my Day  mostly afk doing stuff around the house lol.

Bed, Headboard with windows and hay stacks, Stack of Pallets, Hay stack with pillows seat all by Rosemaery Lorefield from Shabby Tabby.


Cupcakes are the Best! feat. LaLa, Dust Bunny,8f8 and Chez Moi

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This post has me just a tad bit exited , jus a bit.
For one it features LaLa which is owned by one of my longest friends and second , I got to make Cuppycakes , well try to make them any way.

This set up took a little work but with the help of Bambioozles i think it came out great, lots of DB and Chez Moi a little bit of Flour and lots of Tuesday Lag!

Cuppy is wearing:
Hair [e] Willa 
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara with [PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> Appliers
La!La Blue Muffins
messy flour tattoo :Snowfeather
Yummy Charm Necklace *MM*

Set up( bare with me here its a lot and my fingers will more then likely be bloody by the time im done)
CHEZ MOI  Kitchen Basket  Shabby Dish Rack Shabby Kitchen Jars
dust bunny   small spaces kitchen
 basket table, tea pot,coffee machine,waffle maker, amy's cabinet
8f8 Granny's Winter Cottage - Wall Cupboard, Green Grocers - Cherry Jam ( i just luvvvvvvvvvs me some 8f8)
Dutchie making bread dough with animation
*YS&YS* La Cantina - 08 Wine Set


The Wild One feat. Kibitz,[elikatira], Jinx and an lar [poses]

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I know what you are thinking 
Oh look here she goes again! lol yeah yeah here i go !

Kibitz  is still one of my favorite for Pearls and Chains and on Januaries round for Epiphany she definitely did not disappoint me, as with the last set (wich is STILL my FB profile pic btw) its just stunning for the lack of better words and i am not sure i can do it justice.  

I wanted a big mean looking wolf or Minotaur to accompany me but for some strange reason no one ever seems to be around when i am on a roll, so feline it was and boy is it fluffy and soft , i might just keep it . 

I did not manage to get the entire set ( yes i went over my budget , DONT judge me lol) but i got most of it. 

Background   My Skybox again ( sorry i wasn about to run around just about butt naked at an RP sim with some one hunting)
Snow Leopard with laying Pose from Jinx 
Pose on the second picture is from an lar [poses] the Ginger Series

Cuppy is wearing:
Hair [e] Willa 
Pearls and Chains Kibitz Jess Gold Set from the Epiphany 
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara with [PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> Appliers
-TATTOOED=  #34