The Wild One feat. Kibitz,[elikatira], Jinx and an lar [poses]

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I know what you are thinking 
Oh look here she goes again! lol yeah yeah here i go !

Kibitz  is still one of my favorite for Pearls and Chains and on Januaries round for Epiphany she definitely did not disappoint me, as with the last set (wich is STILL my FB profile pic btw) its just stunning for the lack of better words and i am not sure i can do it justice.  

I wanted a big mean looking wolf or Minotaur to accompany me but for some strange reason no one ever seems to be around when i am on a roll, so feline it was and boy is it fluffy and soft , i might just keep it . 

I did not manage to get the entire set ( yes i went over my budget , DONT judge me lol) but i got most of it. 

Background   My Skybox again ( sorry i wasn about to run around just about butt naked at an RP sim with some one hunting)
Snow Leopard with laying Pose from Jinx 
Pose on the second picture is from an lar [poses] the Ginger Series

Cuppy is wearing:
Hair [e] Willa 
Pearls and Chains Kibitz Jess Gold Set from the Epiphany 
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara with [PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> Appliers
-TATTOOED=  #34 

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