Pretty for Daddy

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As Bambi can attest I'm like a bulldog once i get something stuck in my head, and this was stuck in there for a while. I went looking for a specific pose, one that could be used for a range of things but each one i looked at was just not right. 
One of my oldest friends in SL recently started making poses, and i might be biased but he is awesome sauce at it, so i went to him gave him the visual of what i wanted and he made it happen. Again Thank you Sweet Cheeks! 
Now this pose will soon be on MP at AG Designs so keep checking back ! 

Set Up:
 Knick Knacks  flying curtains - white lace
[ zerkalo ] Aurora's Hideout - Pillow x2, Vintage Treasures - Pillow w/Flowers, Vintage Treasures - Paris Pillow, Aurora's Hideout - Flower Heart, Aurora's Hideout - Rug,
Shabby Tabby Pearls + Petals
{what next} Floor Jar Lantern, Candle Jar String Lights (stars)
{ACD} Freesia & Roses 

Cuppy is wearing: 
CATWA HEAD Jessica , Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara and 
Slink Hands with Glam Affair Appliers  Gabriela ( Asia )
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
Pin*Up Lady Lace - Maitreya Tattoo Applier
HollyWeird Kane -Back Dermals
.Olive. Flutterbee Hair 
 Blacklace Leave Your Hat On ( first one with shirt, second with out) 


!! Follow US !!,

Nerd Alert !

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So i decided to venture over to the  Epiphany  didn't spend as much as i thought i would, not that i am complaining about that.
And behold my inner nerd came out, .random.Matter.'s Nerd Haven Gacha set made me giggle in RL and made me think of a couple of Nerd friends i have in SL ( oh you know who you are ).
I have been a gamer for 13 years and played many MMO's , im not in to console games i prefer the PC but this set just .. YAY ! 
I still have my World of Warcraft account and my DAoC accounts ( 4 of them lol) which i randomly activate and goof around with, somewhere i have a couple of Guild Wars accounts and not to mention SL ( which i do not truly consider a game) but in all honesty i do not have the time to invest in the raiding and end game content that you need to be able to compete. I dont like PVE i am a PVPer, i prefer going head to head with another player over beating on a NPC but even for that in most games you need to spend a considerable amount of time and lets face it, i have kids and work and a house, you can not just go AFK for god knows how much time at any given moment while playing any of those ( trust me i have done so and died many times lol). SL i can just walk away from and leave CuppyCakes sitting on her platform or store and it will all still be there when i come back an hour or sometimes two later, sometimes the next day. But SL itself can be consuming, i think if we are totally honest with ourselves we have all been there, each and every one has put something off because something in SL was going on you wanted to be a part of, or you were working on something that just took all your attention and when you do not have people, mainly children, depending on you that is ok. 
I guess what i am saying is that everything in moderation is good even nerdie game stuff like my oldest calls it

Available at the Epiphany  from  .random.Matter. :
Nerd Haven set : Throne of Games - Purple - Rare,  Projector Screen,  Tri Screen,  Game Station - Brown - RARE, Comics,  Headset - Purple ( Cuppy's wearing them), Poster [Aggro]and [DPS] 
MadPea BingeWatchers Speakers
!! Follow US !! Beanbag Chair, Rug
[Commoner]  Binge Watcher's Survival Kit / Couch Potato Chips
Fancy Decor Triangle Table
Bazar Stockholm-Bedroom Headphones (on the table)
[Cosmic Dust] Cosmic Cola
Toro Hockey Table

Cuppy is wearing: 
CATWA HEAD Jessica , Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara and 
Slink Hands with Glam Affair Appliers  Gabriela ( Asia )
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
Pin*Up Lady Lace - Maitreya Tattoo Applier

.Olive. Flutterbee Hair 
 Blacklace Leave Your Hat On


!Twisted Glam!,

start fresh

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One of the things about SL is that at any given point you can start fresh. Reinvent yourself/ your avi , may it be looks alone or your whole SL. I needed a change for Cuppy, something less "sweet and cute" looking. The last time i felt that need i dropped my old avi and created Cuppy, not this time around. So i dropped my signature Pink hair( so glad i mostly buy fatpacks lol), put my piercings back on and added some and went Ink shopping ( i have a serious Ink problem i swear) the only thing i could not find that i really really wanted was a back corset piercing, all the ones i came across were just meh, so all of you piercing creators .. HINT HINT, nudge nudge. 
This is the outcome of that, i don't know if i will keep it permanently but i kinda dig it, so it might just stick around.

Cuppy is wearing 
CATWA HEAD Jessica , Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara and 
Slink Hands with Glam Affair Appliers  Gabriela ( Asia )
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
Pin*Up Lady Lace - Maitreya Tattoo Applier
.Olive.  the Vana Hair // Streaks

REIGN My Little Cupcake Ring- Silver RARE
Izzie's Pride Bracelet
Spell's TCF 3rd Anniversary Gift 2 moon bracelet
MINIMAL  Black Bracelet -L-
HollyWeird Dermal Chain Lg- (cross)
the :Hebenon Vial:: Against the Stream [Ink]  facial piercing
TAOX OMEGA - FACE  "Hush" Lip Tattoo for CATWA
!Twisted Glam  Bound Top *MAITREYA* ( 16 color HUD) new store release 
Laced Skinny Jeans Stone wash MAITREYA from ^^Cheeky Amour^^ ( not available yet) 


!Twisted Glam!,

A little kinky this and a little glamorous that

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Its time for Kinky Monthly and this time !Twisted Glam  brings you a totally must have bandanna Top with 25 .... yes 25 color/design options in a oh so convenient HUD.

Cuppy is wearing 
CATWA HEAD Jessica , Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara and 
Slink Hands with Glam Affair Appliers  Alessa ( Asia )
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
Pin*Up Lady Lace - Maitreya Tattoo Applier
.Olive. Melody Hair ( MM Fatpack) 
.REACTION.  Leather Lace Up Leggings Appliers
REIGN Abbie Pumps
!Twisted Glam  Long bandanna top for Kinky Monthly 



Travel the World with me

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One thing about SL is that you meet all kinds of people from all over the world, and depending on your personal relationship with them you form ties that can make you feel like you have been to their home country. 
There are great builders out on the grid that can recreate cities, landmarks even entire regions of RL places, which if you are anything like me and you do not either have the time or the finances to travel as much as you  would like, will give you a glimpse in to those countries! 
With this i would like to introduce my newest Sponsor  BIGBULLY a new up and coming Furniture and decor creator with great ideas and talent. 
I am looking forward to seeing more of them ! 

Credits :

BIGBULLY City Map Prints ( there are 20 in total for Gacha's) 
Scarlet Creative The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Wire Chair 
Fancy Decor  Wire Console (white) 
[Not a Toy] Pallet Wall Art World
Glam Affair Queens - World Globe
Zen Creations Summer Breeze Twigs in Vase
Kalopsia  Celestial Map Rug 
floorplan wire raincloud / short

Scarlet Creative @ C88  Wimberley 2 


[ zerkalo ],

A place to call home

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Every one needs a place to call home.
This could be mine .......... if i didn't have kids ruining all my stuff or a dog that sheds full on rugs, or cats who think the stupid three story scratching pole i have for them is only for decoration. 
Yup i can so see myself curling up with a book on the couch or my laptop .......... HEY a girl can dream right? 

Scarlet Creative @ C88  Wimberley 2 

Scarlet Creative The Arcade Mar 16 Anastasia Light Sofa, The Arcade Mar 16 Anastasia Chair , The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Wire Chair ,  The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Fireplace, The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Plant, The Arcade Sep 15 - Greenwich Trunk, Amelie Basket Mod, The Arcade Dec 15 Campbell Desk
Kalopsia Bicolore Vase - Coral
Dust Bunny melted candle
[ zerkalo ] Like a Bird - Cage Table Light, Aurora's Hideout - Rug
Apt B   Hello Billy - Vase
Lisp  Anna Birds - Beige
Shabby Tabby Avignon Mirror, Whiskey + Lace Shelf (behind the planter in the other room) 
 Knick Knacks  flying curtains - white lace


[ zerkalo ],

A Place to relax

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This picture was taken as a challenge for one of my FB groups but then i decided it deserved a spot on my blog. Yes i'm just weird like that and i have apparently no life what so ever lol
SL is a different thing for each of us, some use it to socialize, some to "play" a game, some to marvel the creations that can be achieved and others to create and let their artistic side show.
For me it is all of the above, SL to me is my place to relax, for some people that may seem weird, so let me explain it a little bit more.
See tinkering with things and creating puts me in a focused mind set, setting up a scene like this gives me kind of tunnel vision, i do not have to think, i have no responsibilities but the ones i give myself. In RL i have not touched a camera for anything but to snap a picture of my children or family  in almost 11 years, that used to be what i would do to get away from myself, now i do not have the drive or time to do so, not to mention the quiet. So SL became just that over the years, my place to get away. 
Blogging and creating is not a job for me, it is my .... lets say fun, a challenge in itself at times and it relaxes me. I have a short temper ( i should have been a ginger i swear) but no matter what, once i get in this mind set i can just let things go and back off from what ever it is that is bothering me, at least for a little while.

Credits as usual at the bottom

Decor :
Glam Affair Couch RARE 
Pillows Winter Princess: Frame Art
Fancy Decor Throw Pillow So Fancy and Fuck
Bokeh  Fireflies' Shelter 
dier  journal pages
{what next} Pile O' Books, Sophia Stack of Albums 1 and 2,  Hanging Guitar (Pink Americana), Hanging Guitar (Boho)
:HAIKEI: :HAIKEI: Life is noise_gacha {1}
not so bad. NEW YORK gacha coffee set . edition 2
Kalopsia Effie's Photos Light - Set 1, Message - Poster 2, Daybed, Drawer Shelf - White
STORAXTREE Terracotta Tower of Plants Ae 
Dust Bunny  storybook living . suitcase stack, flower cabinet
The Simplest Things  Freebie Mesh Decor Crates & Candles
!! Follow US !! Suitcase photographer
[ zerkalo ]  Mademoiselle - Hat Boxes
May's Soul video camera blue
{anc}  Bdream. rugacarpet 
JIAN  Sitting Kitten (aka Trouble)
-{ZOZ}-  Zodiac Bear  Virgo 
GOOSE ceiling lights( but i didnt use them on the ceiling, they are on the wall)

Scarlet Creative @ C88  Wimberley 2 

Cuppy is wearing: 
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hands Slink with Glam Affair Appliers  Alessa ( Asia )
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
Magika  Luxe Box: May
R3VOLT!- Saya Footie PJ's [V2] Maitreya



Creepy Fun Ride

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So last week FLECHA/Black Jack send me their new Gacha for Cosmopolitan Event while exited I still was a bit iffy about what do with it and went to my trusty sidekick and BFF Bambi, happens to be she has a set From Mad Pea to blog that would match. We went from there and this is the result! 

I think it came out great ! 

you can see her take on this here  Fashion fades, only style remains the same 

FLECHA/Black Jack for the Cosmopolitan Event 
Racing Gacha Set Cars are rares and wearable, track peaces are separate.
Amusement park by Mad Pea 
Fence Tarte 



Quiet Waters.........

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The Beach Bunny hunt is in full swing Ladies so get to hunting down some of these amazing things.
Dress and Earrings are available there so get to it  !!

Ok I am done being bossy now 

Cuppy is wearing
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hands Slink with Glam Affair Appliers  Alessa ( Asia )
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
Hair Truth  Louisa
!IT! Boho Earrings 
~*Moolala*~ Dress
Pin*Up mithril tattoo Maitreya Appliers



Beach Bunny and YouGatcha a perfect mix

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Evil Bunny's Beach Bunny hunt 6 has started ! There are some totally cute things to find, so get to it! 
On the other Side YouGatcha has started a new round too so go ahead and try your luck! 

Shed DarkMatter
Chairs and Tent Lacrime dell'anima
Beach Pallet wall Deco The Artist Shed
all for The Beach Bunny Hunt

Cuppy is wearing 
CATWA HEAD Jessica  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hands and Feet Slink with Glam Affair Appliers  Alessa ( Asia )
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
Hair .Olive. the Melody ...... uuuh YES .Olive. is open again! 
YouGatcha Event
[☠Cristal Skull☠] Dress and Sunglasses!


Chapter 4,

Nostalgic feeling

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I had one of these when i was little, a real vintage rocking horse made out of wood and real horse hair. I was heartbroken when years later I wanted it for my children and my father had sold it off. 

I thought these amazing toys for  Chapter 4 from FLECHA/Black Jack  needed their on postie ! 

Swing Horse Star

Swing Horse Balloon
for  Chapter 4 from FLECHA/Black Jack 

Shabby Tabby Nouveaux Asiatiq Rug
[*Art Dummy!] (closed)  duck. 
*ionic*  I am still Bunny Girl!, Zorrito Durmiendo


[ zerkalo ],

Personal Space

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Shabby Tabby has something new and absolutely gorgeous for you !

Throw in a little bit of this and a little bit of that and voila my current personal space is created! 

New at  Shabby Tabby 
 Rusted Luxe Art
 Rusted Luxe Bed
Rusted Luxe Screen

Old at Shabby Tabby 
Spring Fresh Birdcage Candles

Avignon Table

New at Chapter 4 from FLECHA/Black Jack 
Swing Horse Star
Swing Horse Balloon

Misc Decor and just stuff 
=Zenith=  Vintage Frames (Begie)
[ zerkalo ] Memories - Ottoman - Light, Vintage Campaign Study - Box with Books
+Half-Deer+  Hanging Rod - Medium (Silver)
NOMAD //  Amore Moon & Stars, Amore Chair and Books , Cello // .03
{vespertine} hanging victorian birdcage / grassy
Apt B  Vintage Corner - Cabinet 



Lost at the Crossroads

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The new Crossroads Event kicked off and FLECHA/Black Jack is part of it. 
This is their Gacha set for the event and it is to adorbs not to just have!

Crossroads motel by FLECHA/Black Jack
Crossroad Rural Motel
Crossroad Rustic Shelf
Crossroad Travel Bags
Crossroad Motel Sign
Crossroad Rustic Couch
Crossroad  Old Mailbox
Crossroad bedside table
Crossroad Coffee Table
Crossroad Cheslong
Crossroad Drawer Table
Crossroad Carpet

Crossroad cut firewood stock

All of it can be found here >>>> Crossroads Event