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A Place to relax

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This picture was taken as a challenge for one of my FB groups but then i decided it deserved a spot on my blog. Yes i'm just weird like that and i have apparently no life what so ever lol
SL is a different thing for each of us, some use it to socialize, some to "play" a game, some to marvel the creations that can be achieved and others to create and let their artistic side show.
For me it is all of the above, SL to me is my place to relax, for some people that may seem weird, so let me explain it a little bit more.
See tinkering with things and creating puts me in a focused mind set, setting up a scene like this gives me kind of tunnel vision, i do not have to think, i have no responsibilities but the ones i give myself. In RL i have not touched a camera for anything but to snap a picture of my children or family  in almost 11 years, that used to be what i would do to get away from myself, now i do not have the drive or time to do so, not to mention the quiet. So SL became just that over the years, my place to get away. 
Blogging and creating is not a job for me, it is my .... lets say fun, a challenge in itself at times and it relaxes me. I have a short temper ( i should have been a ginger i swear) but no matter what, once i get in this mind set i can just let things go and back off from what ever it is that is bothering me, at least for a little while.

Credits as usual at the bottom

Decor :
Glam Affair Couch RARE 
Pillows Winter Princess: Frame Art
Fancy Decor Throw Pillow So Fancy and Fuck
Bokeh  Fireflies' Shelter 
dier  journal pages
{what next} Pile O' Books, Sophia Stack of Albums 1 and 2,  Hanging Guitar (Pink Americana), Hanging Guitar (Boho)
:HAIKEI: :HAIKEI: Life is noise_gacha {1}
not so bad. NEW YORK gacha coffee set . edition 2
Kalopsia Effie's Photos Light - Set 1, Message - Poster 2, Daybed, Drawer Shelf - White
STORAXTREE Terracotta Tower of Plants Ae 
Dust Bunny  storybook living . suitcase stack, flower cabinet
The Simplest Things  Freebie Mesh Decor Crates & Candles
!! Follow US !! Suitcase photographer
[ zerkalo ]  Mademoiselle - Hat Boxes
May's Soul video camera blue
{anc}  Bdream. rugacarpet 
JIAN  Sitting Kitten (aka Trouble)
-{ZOZ}-  Zodiac Bear  Virgo 
GOOSE ceiling lights( but i didnt use them on the ceiling, they are on the wall)

Scarlet Creative @ C88  Wimberley 2 

Cuppy is wearing: 
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hands Slink with Glam Affair Appliers  Alessa ( Asia )
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
Magika  Luxe Box: May
R3VOLT!- Saya Footie PJ's [V2] Maitreya

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