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A place to call home

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Every one needs a place to call home.
This could be mine .......... if i didn't have kids ruining all my stuff or a dog that sheds full on rugs, or cats who think the stupid three story scratching pole i have for them is only for decoration. 
Yup i can so see myself curling up with a book on the couch or my laptop .......... HEY a girl can dream right? 

Scarlet Creative @ C88  Wimberley 2 

Scarlet Creative The Arcade Mar 16 Anastasia Light Sofa, The Arcade Mar 16 Anastasia Chair , The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Wire Chair ,  The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Fireplace, The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Plant, The Arcade Sep 15 - Greenwich Trunk, Amelie Basket Mod, The Arcade Dec 15 Campbell Desk
Kalopsia Bicolore Vase - Coral
Dust Bunny melted candle
[ zerkalo ] Like a Bird - Cage Table Light, Aurora's Hideout - Rug
Apt B   Hello Billy - Vase
Lisp  Anna Birds - Beige
Shabby Tabby Avignon Mirror, Whiskey + Lace Shelf (behind the planter in the other room) 
 Knick Knacks  flying curtains - white lace

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