!Twisted Glam!,

Glamorous Hangover

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After a long weekend and way to much drinking i log in to find this awesome latex suit from !Twisted Glam in my inventory, Veri was busy while my sorry butt was at my mums enjoying the screwed up weather Germany was giving us.

Now i did waver from my usual [Pink Fuel] skin over to Glam Affair, probably not permanently as i have a massive PF crush ! :P

Set up:
Teddy Bear, Vanity set with accessories and Frames are from {ACD}
Scrabble piece BALACLAVA!! Letters To Decor 

Pose //elephante poses//  Hangover #3

What Cuppy is wearing:

CATWA HEAD Jessica  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

Hands  Slink with Glam Affair Appliers

Hair Magika  Summer

Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight

Latex Suit 


Color me,

Color me Tabby !

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Its that time again The color me Project is up and running and Shabby Tabby is bringing you this totally cute little set! 

Shabby Tabby at The color me Project
Nouveaux Asiatiq Chair, Asiatiq Mirror, Asiatiq Lantern- Blue and Pink, Asiatiq Console Table, Asiatiq Rug Wall Flower 1,2,4,5 and 6 
Scarlet Creative Mockingbird Nook (house)


[ zerkalo ],

Camden Town Square

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So an a whim here i applied for BlackJack & Flecha Creations as a blogger with out much hope being accepted because lets face it there are so many bloggers out there and some with with a hell of a lot more talent then lil ole me, but they took me any way, YaY!
*does a little happy dance* 

This is a mixture of the two Gacha sets i was send, is it bad that i was MOST exited about the Tattoo shop? I seriously have been trying to restrain my ink itch the last 6 months or so! 
If time permits me today and tomorrow i will try and do separate shots for each shop but that is a big if .

Set up: ( long list of awesomeness!)
Camden Clock Store RARE
 Camden Camden Wall Flag
 Camden Records Store RARE
 Camden Tattoo Shop RARE
 Camden Tea Store RARE
 Camden building Clock
 Camden foot clock
 Camden phone booth
 Camden Blue Counter
 Camden Brown Counter
 Camden Cash Register Machine
 Camden Records Golden Vinyl
 Camden Tattoo Table
 Route 66 Wall Flag
 Tattoo FolderScreen
Camden Croissants
 Camden Coffee Table
 Camden Tea and coffee cups
For 6th Republic event (ended May 20th) 
Bike Gacha set
 Bike jumping ramp
Flowers bike - gold
Fruit bike - RARE - pink
 Pizza bike - RARE - blue
Bike park
 Bikes mooring post
Bike caution Sign
Bike jumping ramp
for Cosmopolitan 

misc knick knacks
::Axix::  Autum Counter {Snow}
DRD  burtonesque clocks
8f8 Storyteller's Burrow - Grandfather's
Clockwired sun clock
[ zerkalo ]  
Hidden Gems - Altered Clock
Vintage Tea Party - Cupcakes Display Light
 Vintage Tea Party - Cupcake in a Cup Light
Ariskea [Le Secret] Wall Clock
*Frangipani Garden* Valentine Cupcakes_(Decor)
not so bad. 
NEW YORK gacha . cup cake set . edition 2
*ionic* Music Speaks!
{what next}  Sophia Stack of Albums 1 and 2
 Box DJ with records : Tampon Tenk (no longer open)

 CHEZ MOI Music Space
[Bad Unicorn] Smelly Cat Guitar
Glam Affair Queens - Hanging Lamps Silver
Bazar Stockholm-Bedroom Cabinet




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There is  not much that is better then the feeling of safety, you honestly can not tell me it is not relaxing and calming to just feel safe. Letting go and just forgetting the worries of your day to day struggles even if it is only for a few minutes.

Curtains Knick Knacks  flying curtains - white lace
+Half-Deer+ Blossoming Birdcage - Ivory White
Dust Bunny storybook living . suitcase stack
Scarlet Creative Mockingbird Nook (house)
Pose RK Poses Beyond words

Logo Head with appliers for Slink found at Logo
Slink Male Body 
.Inhale. Tattoo Co. Chaos Tattoo
*ARGRACE* Tekeshi Hair
!APHORISM!  Wool Pants Charcoal

both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Hands  Slink also with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Appliers
little bones Chel (Group Gift)
 !Twisted Glam Khaleesi Body Suit for Kinky Monthly 
SPELL Pearls Earing R, Two moons pendant



Not so sweet After all

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All of us have a roll in life, each one is their own person with personality, abilities, skills and talents. No one is just black and white, in every way unique. 
Take me for example, to some one who does not know me on a personal level I may be loud, crazy, weird, off the wall stupid, a bitch, mouthy and opinionated. I am all of these and then some, i admit to it. But I am also kind, shy at times, naive, smart, patient  and i will give anything for a friend in need. But if pushed enough i will lash out, I can become quite mean .

Cuppy is wearing
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Hands  Slink also with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Appliers
!Twisted Glam for OutTheBox Event Phoebe's Harness Black
!IT! Reliquias Angelus Rare (wings)
Truth Hair  Echo 
Pin*Up Nyx Tattoo Maitreya Applier 
Lipstick and Eyeshadow LIVIA  


[Pink Fuel],


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Trust is a funny thing, it is something that makes you strong but can make you weak  at the same time. The trust you put in to a person can break you mentally at times especially if the other person  breaks that trust. Once it is lost, it is one of the hardest things to ever earn back. It is not the same as forgiving, you can forgive a person in a heartbeat for the things they have done to you or did not do, but trusting them again can be extremely difficult to do. There will always be that little voice in the back of your head whispering in your ear, it can make you paranoid.

You spend time asking yourself : Can i take this person by their word? Can you feel close to them again? Can you depend on them not to let you fall ? And worst of all can you believe them when they assure you of all of this ?
In this virtual world we chose to spend our time in, it is quite often you meet people untrustworthy and even the ones we do trust can end up breaking that trust for what ever reason, and then it is up to you to decide if you can trust them because in all honesty there is no one who can make that decision for you.

Kalopsia  Hanging Stars, Canopy
{anc}  ChainLamp"SODA" [blueberry] 
:HAIKEI: :HAIKEI: Life is noise_gacha Skybox Rare

Black Cats Poses  Ballet lovers 4

Logo Head with appliers for Slink found at Logo
Slink Male Body 
.Inhale. Tattoo Co. Chaos Tattoo
*ARGRACE* Tekeshi Hair

both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Hands  Slink also with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Appliers


[ zerkalo ],

Never go to bed Angry

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I dont know about you , but i can not go to bed angry, I cant sleep and in the long run get angrier and angrier.Then it is time to get up, nothing is resolved you are cranky, tired and more then likely really peeved right about now.

Now if you are anything like me, you will have a splitting headache to accompany the cranky and moodiness and no amount of coffee can cure this, trust me I have tried. 

But what if there is no way to resolve that anger before your eyes finally give up and you pass out, like literally, ?
Well then you my dear friend are screwed. I have been on that end quite a few times over the last couple of months and let me tell you my crankiness has reached new Highs as of late or lows depending on how you look at it.
You wake up drained even though you have slept and it makes your day just really crappy.

Set up :
Scarlet Creative - The Arcade Mar 16 Anastasia Bed MT

Lisp   Anna Books, Maurice Side Table 
Dust Bunny vintage step ladder, getaway basket
*ionic* Fiesta Camera
[ zerkalo ]  Aurora's Hideout - Chair,  Aurora's Hideout - Pillow, 

+Half-Deer+  Coming up Roses - Frame,  Blossoming Birdcage 
Trompe Loeil  Free Pillow Toss 

Pose is :
 Glamrus  Not Tonight

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Hands are Slink also with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Appliers

The Panty Shoppe Conni's Set 

Hair Truth Damaris ( old Arcade Items)

The Guinea Pig is wearing Slink Body and Logo Head.



Old as Dust

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I think we all have friendships that are as old as Dust, you know the ones you never really give up on, the ones that even though years pass by and you finally meet again not much has changed between you. This is one, in a way a bitter sweet moment. Rhi is one of my oldest friends a sister in spirit of sorts really and The Far Away is one of the places I used to frequent as a noobie in SL. I can count on 1 hand how many friendships like that i have in SL or in RL for that matter and those few I am very glad to count them as basically family.
There will be no Fashion links in this post BUT i will link the pose.

We may look total opposites but trust me she is worse then i am! 

Location  The Far Away
Pose is for the YouGatcha event from Ipose called Nudist Beach ( lol no need to be naked or even a beach !)


!Twisted Glam!,


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Oh my oh my I actually left my platform for something other then shopping ! I needed some me time, time to just sit around reflect and enjoy the beauty SL has to offer. And i happened to just end up at Nusquam , SOOOOO worth the TP lag SL has had over the last few days.

!Twisted Glam  came out with this totally adorable little Babydoll Top, two different Prints and one solid. The Flower Pack ( Cuppy is wearing the pink of course!) comes in 5 designs, the Animal print Pack has 3 and the Solids 6 ( Fatpacks available if you are like me and can not decide!)

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers

Hands and feet this time are Slink also with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Appliers
TAOX OMEGA - FACE  "Hush" Lip Tattoo for CATWA
IKON Sovereign Eyes
[RA]  Amber Hair available at We<3 RP 
Zombie Suicide Madness face piercing Exclusive Color
-SECRETS- Artic Dermal Piercing - Black (collarbone piercing) 

!Twisted Glam  Flower Babydoll *BabyPink* MAITREYA
Blueberry  Lola - Denim Shorts - Maitreya


Shabby Tabby,


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One more for Shabby Tabby  this one is for the Instruments May Round. The set is called Magical Thinking ! 

Set up:
Shabby Tabby  at the Instruments :
*Shabby* Magical Thinking set :Plant 2, Pouf 2 (free),  Sofa, Side Table, Plant 1, Mirror, Gypsy Stones


Chapter 4,

Little Trouble

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So here is lil ol me logging in this morning to an awesome surprise ! Rosemaery was busy busy busy ! and  uuuuuuuh look !
This little set is for the  LTD: The Event  May Round.

Throw in some Birthday gifts from FaMESHed and Chapter 4 and eh voila.
And i named the kitten Trouble ! 

Set up :
Shabby Tabby for LTD: The Event  May Round: 
Whiskey + Lace Chair, Whiskey + lace Bench,  Whiskey + Lace Decor,  Whiskey + Lace Shelf

FaMESHed Birthday Gifts:
Heart - Potted Plants - Pink Aubretia and White Daisies, JIAN Kitten Collection :: *FaMESHED Bonus* Sitting Kitten( AKA Trouble!), Thistle Singing Blue Bird FaMESHed 2016, *AF* Gerbera Daisy Vase, LB_WallTree{wooden}

Chapter 4 .random.Matter. - Hartley Deer Candle - Rose


!Twisted Glam!,

Angel Wings and Butterflies

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!Twisted Glam came out with these really cute pair of mesh jeans for the in world store ( 10 colors to choose from!), included are fitted Meshes for the most popular Mesh Bodies.

Heels and the floating Butterflies are available at YouGatcha ! 

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Hands and feet this time are Slink also with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Appliers
Hand Tattoo PerveTTe Infinity
Tattoo .эlle. Omega Applier - Rose sleeves 
TAOX OMEGA - FACE  "Hush" Lip Tattoo for CATWA

IKON Sovereign Eyes

[RA] Mona Hair

 Butterfly friends  Springtime La!La 
.:: AS ::. Viper Sandal  White for Slink High feet .... also available for Maitreya 
both available at YouGatcha

!Twisted Glam  Angel Wings 3/4 Jeans *White*  for Maitreya 
Blueberry Satin Tops /Loose/ - Maitreya
.: RealEvil Industries :.  Raven Collar - Female


[ zerkalo ],

The artsie side of things

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YouGatcha opened May 1st so you better believe i am all giddy .......
This Landscape Artwork set from {Q-Essentials} is one of their entries for this round !

Gallery setup 
{Q-Essentials} Dark Lighthouse, Ready to Venture, Hong Kong Skyline, Glowing Trees, Vintage Cars,  Morning Mist,  Jasper,  Chair under Bridge, Angkor Wat,  Pigs, Fatpack is the Rare Item for this set ! available at YouGatcha

Rest of the set 
Exposeur The White Rooms
Kalopsia Bicolore Vase - Blue
[ zerkalo ] Hidden Gems - Flower Vase
{vespertine} hanging paper ornaments 
Apt B  Hello Billy - Vase
DaD DESIGN Ornamental Orange Vase with butterflies