Old as Dust

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I think we all have friendships that are as old as Dust, you know the ones you never really give up on, the ones that even though years pass by and you finally meet again not much has changed between you. This is one, in a way a bitter sweet moment. Rhi is one of my oldest friends a sister in spirit of sorts really and The Far Away is one of the places I used to frequent as a noobie in SL. I can count on 1 hand how many friendships like that i have in SL or in RL for that matter and those few I am very glad to count them as basically family.
There will be no Fashion links in this post BUT i will link the pose.

We may look total opposites but trust me she is worse then i am! 

Location  The Far Away
Pose is for the YouGatcha event from Ipose called Nudist Beach ( lol no need to be naked or even a beach !)

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