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Camden Town Square

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So an a whim here i applied for BlackJack & Flecha Creations as a blogger with out much hope being accepted because lets face it there are so many bloggers out there and some with with a hell of a lot more talent then lil ole me, but they took me any way, YaY!
*does a little happy dance* 

This is a mixture of the two Gacha sets i was send, is it bad that i was MOST exited about the Tattoo shop? I seriously have been trying to restrain my ink itch the last 6 months or so! 
If time permits me today and tomorrow i will try and do separate shots for each shop but that is a big if .

Set up: ( long list of awesomeness!)
Camden Clock Store RARE
 Camden Camden Wall Flag
 Camden Records Store RARE
 Camden Tattoo Shop RARE
 Camden Tea Store RARE
 Camden building Clock
 Camden foot clock
 Camden phone booth
 Camden Blue Counter
 Camden Brown Counter
 Camden Cash Register Machine
 Camden Records Golden Vinyl
 Camden Tattoo Table
 Route 66 Wall Flag
 Tattoo FolderScreen
Camden Croissants
 Camden Coffee Table
 Camden Tea and coffee cups
For 6th Republic event (ended May 20th) 
Bike Gacha set
 Bike jumping ramp
Flowers bike - gold
Fruit bike - RARE - pink
 Pizza bike - RARE - blue
Bike park
 Bikes mooring post
Bike caution Sign
Bike jumping ramp
for Cosmopolitan 

misc knick knacks
::Axix::  Autum Counter {Snow}
DRD  burtonesque clocks
8f8 Storyteller's Burrow - Grandfather's
Clockwired sun clock
[ zerkalo ]  
Hidden Gems - Altered Clock
Vintage Tea Party - Cupcakes Display Light
 Vintage Tea Party - Cupcake in a Cup Light
Ariskea [Le Secret] Wall Clock
*Frangipani Garden* Valentine Cupcakes_(Decor)
not so bad. 
NEW YORK gacha . cup cake set . edition 2
*ionic* Music Speaks!
{what next}  Sophia Stack of Albums 1 and 2
 Box DJ with records : Tampon Tenk (no longer open)

 CHEZ MOI Music Space
[Bad Unicorn] Smelly Cat Guitar
Glam Affair Queens - Hanging Lamps Silver
Bazar Stockholm-Bedroom Cabinet

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