Flawless feat. Blacklace, Zenith, .Olive. and ninety

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I think any of us have at times wished we looked as flawless as our Avatars, for most of us this is not the case no matter how hard we try.
May it be a few pounds to many, scars or wrinkles it is what makes us us, it is part of what makes each and every one of us unique. Our Avatars are a mere extension of us how we would picture ourselves if we could look anyway we like.

This is me, well the virtual me at least, flawless. Everything is in place, no messy Hair, no scars no wrinkles to speak of. Picture perfect so it seems. The only thing that Cuppy has that i have is the eye color. 
But it is what i like to call my inner child, the me I would have loved to be if RL was not such pain in the butt.

I honest to god envy people who actually achieve the be their inner child and are in their eyes as picture perfect as this.

Hair .Olive. the Shiny Hair
Necklace =Zenith=vintage pearl necklace with key
Lingerie part of Impassioned-Blk Set by Blacklace
Bracelet Ninety- Infinitum Black
Body Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Eyes IKON Eternal Eyes - Cornflower
Skin [PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure
Ink TATTOO #34 by Tattooed


Spring is coming . not really but yea! feat. Chez Moi, Dirty Princess and Whats next

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So who else is sick and tired of Snow and rain and ugh yea just cold! Don't get me wrong i love snow , when its nice and fluffy and purdy but this crap? Uh no thank you.
So since i can not change the RL world to nice warm spring weather, SL it is.

It does not get much better , in my opinion at least, then grabbing a picnic basket pillows and a book to relax and enjoy some much needed rays of sunshine and work on that tan, yeah ok i dont tan so that is wishful thinking!

Set up 
My Skybox !

CHEZ MOI My Place (pillows with book) Free
                     Valentines Gift (latern)

Cuppy is wearing:
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara with Appliers from


A Girls Best Friend feat.ionic, Baby doll and Jian

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For some females diamonds and expensive jewelry are the key to their heart (insert eye rolling here), do not get me wrong i like shiny stuff just like every other girl but to me something small is way better.
May it be a note, a stuffed toy or even just a simple single flower it is the best thing i could ever receive.Maybe i am simple but i truly believe that you do not need all the fancy shmancy stuff to feel liked and appreciated. 

For me there is not much that comes close to hanging around my favorite chair or my couch with my best friend Stuffy, pillows and blankets.

I call it my non adulting time, usually involving a book or a movie .


The Question on hand is ?

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SO i logged in friday to look at the FlF list and behold floorplan had the best neon sign ever up for grabs!
It fit in perfectly with a rant post i wanted to do this week.
It reads " Why aren't we having sex yet?" 
For a good percentage of SL residents that's what SL is for.
Hump anything and everything you can and i would guesstimate a good 60% of the time there is not even RP involved , just pixels.
Yawn fest!
Ok i know what you are thinking ' Oh lawd that prude needs to stop typing now'. I am far from a prude but neither am i the kind of person who will hump anything that walks, even with RP and if the RP  involved is boring and with out any kind of  effort put in to , then that's what you are going to get back.

There are plenty of times i have been asked that question by guys who i just met or who are on my friends list just because i was to nice to say oh no thank you. Even guys i have known for years. Maybe i am just weird like that but to me there has to be some kind of chemistry before anything like that happens, yes that includes Trackers, if some one tracks me down and i get bored i will do my damnest to get out of that RP ASAP. 

Look at it this way , for every action there is a reaction, if your actions are meh, how is the reaction supposed to be any better? Do you really expect some one to put effort in to some thing when you yourself can not be bothered with? And typing harder harder and faster faster faster is not RP , it just shows you type with one hand ( Bambis words not mine i swear) or have a lack of imagination.

So the next time you sit behind your screen and ask yourself that question, ask yourself if you would have Sex with you if you were the person on the other side. Now be completely honest with yourself there. 

Plus not for all of us SL is our personal pixelated porn, there is more to it then just that! 


Do not try to control some one you do not know!

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I have fun in SL like every other person , my kind of fun is usually a bit more twisted and dark then most, but non the less it is my SL so yea  dont judge me lol.
So  i decided it was time to move along and put on my tracker again and have some fun with it, but some things never really do change though.
You always have that one that thinks they need more control over you then they deserve. And that is how i landed myself in this specific predicament. Any one who knows me knows that i do not collar easy or just for kicks and fun, not even in SL.

So this guy actually seemed quite decently level headed snatching me off Luvi and Darks sim while i was taking pictures. All was well until he decided he wants to force collar me. Yeah uhm NO , i will grant access to my collar during RP and only for RP purposes but i will not let some random person collar me, my punishment? I was sat in a cell for an hour by myself while he went off with one of his slaves, im stubborn , really really stubborn and locking me in a RLV cell for an hour with snakes is just , yea well boring. 

And it will most definitely not make me want to RP with you or let you go anywhere near me with a collar.
So i entertained myself  bided my time , and up on his return he gave me the choice again , total control over me/my avi or the cage i had been for the last hour already.
Well DUH , Cage, ive been making friends with the "snake" he keeps in there.
Another hour or so later i had had it, i was done , it is one thing to punish your own slave or sub for hours on end in a cell but , that was not me and it was not what i signed up for.
On the plus side i did some shopping and got a new friend 

And then he has the nerve to demand that i logged in in the cell *rolls her eyes *