Le Sigh

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This is basically what goes on in my kitchen, if its not the cat it is a child throwing stuff on the floor! 
Fontainebleau Chair 

Peg Photo Display
Ceramic Coffee Cup (Single)
Potted Flower Decorations 

Modern Living Gacha - Whiskey Set - COMMON 

Lemonade Kitchen Board 

in May's deco(c)rate 
Stove Blue
Hanging Utilities 
Cabinet (Type 2)
Cabinet (Type 1) 
Kitchen Island 
Fridge Blue 

in May's deco(c)rate
nordic light bulb I 
nordic light bulb II 

small spaces kitchen . vintage stove 

Kitchen Collection - knife block 
Kitchen Collection - seasoning 
Kitchen Collection - cutting boards 

Kitchen Basics - Scale (Mint) 

Spilled Liquid - Large Puddle - White  

farmhouse kitchen - rug 
             farmhouse kitchen - groceries sign 

doormat namaste 
Rustic Kitchen - Shelf - Spring 
Industrial wineholder  

Terracotta Tower of Plants 

Calico Cat Sitting - Mesh - Full Perm 
Grey Tabby Cat Paw Lick - Mesh - Full Perm 

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