Ready for BBQs and Summer

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This is my last postie for today, i promise. As of next week i will have to cut my posts down to a minimum. I will be moving in RL in about a month and my stuff will be packed up from the 6th to the 8th. After that i only have my crappy laptop until my stuff arrives in the states, so mid July. There will be no posts from June 16th until around July 10th as i will be traveling to see family before we leave.

Picnic Swing Set 

 Placemat BBQ 
BBQ party - Counter
BBQ party grill  

Beer Keg - COMMON 

 Crates of Beer
Moderna House
@May's deco(c)rate 

Passadena Couch 
Passadena Garden Bonfire  
Outdoor Bar Chairs and Table

 Flower bucket 2 
Flower bucket 1 

ground panel {concrete/ash gray} 

grass field green 

Little Wood

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