The ramblings of the slightly bored and annoyed Cuppycakes

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So I am bored and at work with very little to do!
So YaY me I know. So I guess I will ramble my way through a post. 
As we all learn , in SL you meet all kinds of people, some  you know rather quickly that if it was humanly possible or legal you would beat them with a stick and not a little stick(even though that might work too). Others you aren't so sure about and if you are like me you do try to separate RL from SL(LOL let me know if that ever works cause it sure as hell  hasn't for me ) and you try to keep yourself guarded from them because let's be honest it sucks being lied to and taken advantage of. In my 7 years I havemet some really good people, starting with my Sister in Spirit Elise and my dear friend Charlie some one I dearly miss every day and  I hope that whatever she is doing that she is ok. 
And then I have met those that kind of make you loose faith in the people in SL, the kind of people you trust beyond the screen in front of you and you think you truly know and you find out years later after, you shared your life with them that every thing that came out of their mouth was a lie . Maybe I am naive or stupid but I do believe that nothing has to be hidden or lied about if you truly have good intentions. Maybe I am wrong who knows?! 
You have those that you instantly feel connected with(pokes Bamboozle) and those that things grow slowly and over time  (Dorkface 😙) 
In RL I am not a social person, I haven't been in quite some time, my job requires me to interact with people and that is more then enough for me.
So opening up to some one you have never met in person can be a challenge , many of my friends can attest to that. It's not that SL is my social life , well at least not anymore, but I do interact less awkwardly there .
Then you have those who we all probably have seen on the news who cheat on their spouse or neglect their children for SL and still run around with a chip on their shoulders. WTF ?! The spouse thing is one thing , I mean you are a grown adult that is your business and no one but youand your spouse know what goes on between you two.
But children? I gave birth to 4 lost 2 and buried 1 in the last 15 years, in my opinion there is NOTHING worse then a neglectful parent. And my 2 little ones are to blame for my lack of voice communications , before any one makes that argument, they are always with me and I'm pretty sure no one wants to listen to me talking to a 2 year old or baby talking to a 7 month old.

I guess what I am saying is that overall I am glad for meeting each and everyone of these people , they thought me lessons and helped me grow in ways 

Now I am done yapping and going back to work


Waiting .............

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Every one who knows me knows this, i HATE being bored or having nothing to do.
It usually means i get in trouble, like the omg i got a new stalker kind of trouble or the oh crap i deleted half of my store AGAIN kind.
It is the reason i barely leave my store or my skybox unless supervised by either Dorkface , Bambioozles or once in a blue Moon Callie.

Now to what Cuppy is wearing :
Mesh Body Maitreya Lara
Hands Slink
Shape Carolina by .:: Delusions ::.  which no longer exists I am sorry to say :(
Skin Crystal Doll v2 by [Pink Fuel]
Facial Piercing Hebenon Vial: Against the Stream [Ink] *Mesh*
Hair  ""D!va"" Hair "Giz" (Type B)(Topaz) (Rare) Gacha 
Outfit  ~Blacklace~ Impassioned: Black Lace Set 

The Piano : RACK Poses  Make Sweet Music
Background Skybox: is MINE mine mine shhh mine


And I'm backsies

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Phew let me tell you all Vacation is not a cake walk i mean GAWD  I am glad to be home!
Here are some fun shots from goofing off with Dorkface this morning before he ran to bed cause he was just sooo tired! 


Two Fish (location) C88 and more

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Boredom struck me and i decided to go around being weird and just me before i leave you all for almost 2 weeks to go on Vacation !

So i ended up at Two Fish if you like weird and just off the wall Sims you need to visit ! 

Now to what Cuppy is wearing :
Lara Body and Slink Hands
Lolita Crown (old Gacha)
Hair :=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Sophie" Black Pink
Dress : -Pixicat- Dreamy.Dress - Clouds (Maitreya) at C88
Collar :nani - spiked collar - his (old Gacha)
Boots : Boho painted boots POSY 


Butterflies and Stars

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So i think it is safe to say that after the week Bamboozles and i had we deserved a trip to C88 to do some shopping.
So after spending way to much and lagging our lovely behinds off , i let her go do her thing. 
Because let me tell you something about my favorite Ginger, she builds sets like no other and she had this stuck in her pretty little head and it was the first thing i heard when i TPd to C88 was , and i quote " I'm buying us the friends pose!".
You can find her own adventures here: Bambis awesome Blog!

But this is how it always is between us . She makes me giggle in my coffee and keeps my head on straight when i am about to loose it . And i make her roll her eyes, spit out her coffee and i honestly dont know why she keeps me around lol .

I totally luvs you Bamboozles to the moon and back !


Catching up with Old Friends

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Found this one at Muddys a couple of years ago and never really got rid of her , i mean Gawd she annoys the hell out of me and some times i just want to beat her but i luvs my Callie Wallie


Part of SL , at least in my case, is you make friends .
some of them you keep some of them you loose and then other you don't talk to in forever, but when you do get back together its like nothing ever changed between you.


.:Daddy's Secret Garden:. (Location)

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Ok so i lied, i promised no more posts today but this opportunity came and i had to take it

purdy and green, with sheep and friendly people Daddy's is great to hang out, have a cup of coffee and a good laugh.

                              Punky Pie and her Daddy 4


Well Good Morning Sunshine feat.Dead Dollz(location) &Cheeky Amour

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As many in SL i have a avid shopping addiction , I mean i seriously sit there go OMG how cute and i have to have it !
And on the other hand i love seeing new places and i appreciate peoples creativity so imagine my happy face when i first came to Dead Dollz . Shopping AND a beautiful Place to stand and just go AWWWWW.

 which until August 11th you can find here  Dead Dollz

Now to what Cuppy is wearing :
Jeans Shorts and Top *Rebby Outfit* by Cheeky Amour << that's me ( does happy dance)
Mesh Body Maitreya Lara
Shape Carolina by .:: Delusions ::.  which no longer exists I am sorry to say :(
Tattoos Believe and Wings by .::INFECTED::. 
Hair Wixson by =DeLa*=
Skin Crystal Doll v2 by [Pink Fuel]


Let me introduce you to my World

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Let me start by telling you i do like to ramble and just keep  going and going and going , ok so i have given you fair warning ! 
 This is my first Blog Post and it will give you a little insight in to MY SL World.

That right there is Moi with one of my favorite People EVER Bamboozles (Bambi) sitting there causing NO mischief what so ever! ( if you look real close you MIGHT see our Halos, yeah who am i kidding?)
Lets just say someone logged in to a Zoo in his house (sorries) that day.

Again , I am Sorry, no really!