Butterflies and Stars

6:04 AM Cuppy Cakes 0 Comments

So i think it is safe to say that after the week Bamboozles and i had we deserved a trip to C88 to do some shopping.
So after spending way to much and lagging our lovely behinds off , i let her go do her thing. 
Because let me tell you something about my favorite Ginger, she builds sets like no other and she had this stuck in her pretty little head and it was the first thing i heard when i TPd to C88 was , and i quote " I'm buying us the friends pose!".
You can find her own adventures here: Bambis awesome Blog!

But this is how it always is between us . She makes me giggle in my coffee and keeps my head on straight when i am about to loose it . And i make her roll her eyes, spit out her coffee and i honestly dont know why she keeps me around lol .

I totally luvs you Bamboozles to the moon and back !

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