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Its been a rough few weeks and I wanted to have this out yesterday , but yea that didn't happen, I'm so sorry! 
If you have not checked out The Project se7en I recommend you do , it is so worth it!
It took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to call this post until I realized it was plain and simple 'Solace' . Part of the  definition of Solace is to comfort ,cheer or console in times of trouble or sorrow. This picture was taken at Black Kite one of my happy places in SL  and home to theblackcloud oh, which I want to thank for opening her home up for others to enjoy! It is the place I go when I need some comfort or cheering up , so it is my Solace .If you happen to want to check it out please be respectful it is her home and there has been a lot of work put in to it.

What Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Hands are Slink also with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Appliers
Hair Exile You Send Me Wildcards
Butterfly Wreath Boudoir™ 
Dress =Zenith= Spring Dreamy Dress (Milk) Maitreya/Fitted for the The Project se7en 

Added to the SIM by me were only the flying leaves by Kalopsia 


"six o'clock",

Cute cute and uuuuh shiny!

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Rosemaery did it she made me squeal in delight with the pack she send me this morning! All the stuff in it was just ...... sighs.. ok yeah you get my point here ! 

Set Up:
Shabby Tabby 
Spring Fresh Coat Rack, Mannequin, Fleur Decor, Birdcage Candles,  Bowl,  Fresh Table, Bench,  Candle -Shorty, Candle - Tall for gachapalooza

*ionic* silencio interno 
{what next} Pile O' Books
Dust Bunny flower cabinet
Zen Creations Summer Breeze Books n' Frame
"six o'clock" shabby01 low shelf, shabby01 phone chair
Scarlet Creative The Arcade Sep 15- Greenwich Telephone
Lisp Bazar - Anna Books Pile

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Treasures - Paris Pillow
Apt B  Vie en Rose - Curtains

{anc} garden. pinkbook
[Brixley] flower painting


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I Win!

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So, how was Easter ?
Have fun? Eat lots of yummi food? Candy? 
Yeah me too! 
Logging in this morning i was dreading my offlines, but they actually weren't to bad and i had time to play catch up with one of my favorite girls and boss lady Luvi.
We got to talking about all the shit we have been through and how life throws stuff at you that at times you do not know how to cope. Between all of this  found the Box of Stuff i had picked up and it gave me this idea! 
We might be bruised and battered but We win in the end because eventually you pick yourself up and keep going no matter what.

both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Hair Magika Dusty
Shorts and Tank Top( Group Gift) Blueberry
Gloves Meli Imako

Scale, cat, water bottles and Doughnuts were in the Box of Stuff found here The Stuff Sales Room 

X X Y poses  Boxing 13 also found at The Stuff Sales Room


!Twisted Glam!,

Hop Hop Hop...

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Easter is like 3 days away and with perfect timing !Twisted Glam released a Bunny Ear Gacha .
Way to go to fuel my addiction here Veri!! 
So this is me saying "Happy Easter" my fellow SL crazies. 
So i went to the Pose fair last week and made grabbby hands at so many things, i was like this little chubby kid in the candy store, drooling staring and just going uuuuuuuuuuh want! 
I ended up spending way to many Lindens ( lets NOT even talk about that), but i did manage to contain myself and buy the white room prop from Exposeur Props & Poses this is one part of it , i have to say i am in love with it, if i could marry it i would ! I'm just kidding i know i couldnt marry a box sheesh.

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
H ands are Slink also with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Appliers
TAOX OMEGA - FACE  "Hush" Lip Tattoo for CATWA
Hair [e] Karee 
Ears !Twisted Glam. Cute Bunny Bow Ears *Black* RARE 
They come in 10 Colors with 3 Rares 
Lingerie set Violent Seduction  Aphrodite Black for Lara Body  available at Kustom 9 
Tattoo .эlle. Omega Applier - Rose sleeves Faded (and FWI i am internally pouting for giving out that link cause i love them soooo so much)

Shabby Tabby  Egg Hunt Blossoms ( thanks Rosemaery! )
+Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunny - Sakura,  Fairy Curtain
White Room from  Exposeur Props & Poses Pose 19 



About Bunnies and Frogs

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Logging in this morning i had a very pleasant surprise CD had made this totally adorable dress with a mix and match Texture HUD. Just to cute! 
And it just so happened i had to cutest pose to go with it, unfortunately SL did NOT want to cooperate with me and my plans and even after tinkering and reworking around my skybox for over 2 hours things just seemed to get worse and worse and i finally gave up and snapped a few shots ( I was yelling and cursing at the SL Gods ).

Cuppy is wearing:
[CD] Luna Outfit available at Essential Fashion Event Happy Easter - March 22 to 31
=DeLa*=  Hair Sophie 
Goth1c0 Fierce Heart Ring 
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Hands are Slink also with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Appliers
TAOX OMEGA - FACE  Kiss me Lip Tattoo for CATWA 

Pose .click. Frog Prince comes with Froggy !



Size is irrelevant

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You can do a lot with very little space is my point here , Yes i know where your dirty mind was going! 
I got lucky the other day at Ionic and scored this adorable little cottage in one their Gacha Machines (btw their Animal Gachas are on Sale for Easter! )

Yes it is tiny but oh soooooooooo cute and with a little tinkering you can make it really cozy and fun!

The back Patio is just perfect for anything you want , mine is currently occupied by Bunnies! 

 As usual My Skybox!
*ionic* Sunshine Cottage RARE,  vintage love sign, 
{what next} Serendipity Garden Planter #1, Serendipity Garden Planter #2, Serendipity Garden Planter #3, Boathouse Cottage Planter #3 ,Heart & Flowers Porcelain Candle #2, Serendipity Garden Hanging Sign, Spring Garden Birdhouse
unKindness Winter Picket Fence 
GOOSE beach pallets 
+Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunny - Sakura,  Fairy Curtain - Tied
Ariskea  [Le Secret] DayBed
Apt B  Rustic Now - Stacked Pillows
{vespertine} villa birdhouse/shorter -seafoam

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Hands are Slink also with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Appliers
Hair [Elikatira] Eden with Daisies 
Dress DM Lucy Texture HUD with 5 textures included 


!Twisted Glam!,

Sh** happens

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We all have been there ,things happen and you honestly can not be bothered to care to much about it and your response is " Shit Happens !"

Well today is mine , I am sleep deprived cranky and just all around in a "What Ever" Mood 

Even the Love Pink Hunt couldn't get me in a better mood.
This totally adorbs latex dress is from !Twisted Glam and the awesome sign from [MELONopolis] both for the Love Pink hunt.
Here is the starting point for the Hunt 

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Hands are Slink also with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Appliers

Hair: Analog Dog style 42 color Splash



Morning Coffee in the Garden

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Morning Coffee time it is! YaY! I know i know , you are thinking ' isnt she hyper enough already with out coffee?!'
Hmmmm ......... nope!
So while I am finishing up my 4th cup of coffee for this morning I also finished this set including items from the current Arcade round (YAY) and C88!
I have said it before and i say it again ' I am ready for Spring! ..... beyond ready!' .

I even had some Bunny company! Thanks +Half-Deer+ !

Current Arcade finds:
{what next}: Spring Garden Birdhouse, Spring Garden Arbor RARE
Sari-Sari :  Spring Backyard - Repurposed Rake, Spring Backyard - Painted Eggs
Ariskea : [Le Secret] Quince Potted RARE, [Le Secret]  Ivy Trelly

C88 finds:
+Half-Deer+ : Secret Garden Bunny - Sakura - Lay Down, Bunny - Sakura - Better View, Bunny - Sakura - Look Around

Misc. Decor:
Shabby Tabby : Egg Hunt Blossoms 2,Egg Hunt Blossoms 1,Egg Hunt Blossoms 10, Natural Dyed Eggs,Potted Lollys-Easter Babes

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Hands are Slink also with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Appliers
DM Lucy Dress 5 textures via HUD included
[Elikatira] Eden with Dasies



oh so fluffly and cute .... feat Shabby Tabby, Dust Bunny,DaD,8f8, Funky Junk

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So Easter is two weeks around the corner , Spring is supposed to be here, but let me tell you I had Snow here in Germany yesterday again! WTH Mother Nature?! 

Shabby Tabby has some really cute stuff for you this month , lots of Easter decor, i coupled it with some of my favs from Dust Bunny and 8f8 ...... eh voila here you !

Set up:
*Funky*Junk* Shelby Cottage 50L friday a couple weeks ago
Shabby Tabby Sweetie Pie Cookie Basket,  Cookies 4U Basket, Stacking Bunnies Basket, Natural Dyed Eggs, Handmade Charm Basket, Spring Fling Cookie Basket, Potted Lollys-Easter Babes, Hoppy Bunny Light, Flutterbye Light,  Spring Hare Light,Spring Fling Chair 1 and 2, Spring Fling Table ,Enchanted Easter Centerpiece, Matrioschka Basket
Dust Bunny ruffle rug, flower cabinet,vintage step ladder,  potted rowan berries,  amy's memorial garden, berry cake . arcade gift 2015, basket table, twinkley twigs
8f8 primavera in Toscana Curtains Right
DaD DESIGN Ornamental Orange Vase with butterflies"  this months Midnight Madness 
Easter Bunny Picture Frame,Easter Pillow Cushion  from 1025 Easter Town


[Pink Fuel],

Ready to go ......... feat. Anarchy Ink

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I have known Anarchy a couple of years now , she is creative, funny, sassy and has a sweet spot. 
I was a bit sad when she seemed to have taken some time away from SL, but just like the rest of us she comes back eventually.
And that is exactly what she did, she came back with a bang. 
☆™☆ AN@RCHY INK. ☆™☆ offer quite a few things and WILL reopen in world. Here is one of the new things she has brought out. 

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
 Hair +Spellbound+ Jezebel
Hands and feet are Slink this time around 
Shoes are not out to buy just yet , I am still working on it dangit!
Vest ISON - occult jacket -Maitreya- which if i remember correctly was part of Octobers C88 line up
Dress   *An@rchy Ink* Date Dress Omega Appliers ,Glasses are included 


mmm oh la la la ..la la ...... feat. The Panty Shoppe

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So Bambs has decided to venture out and make panties, and what kind of bestie would i be if did not fully support her fetish? I mean seriously PANTIES! 
What girl is not a sucker for some decently cute panties? And they are more then just decent, if it was acceptable for me to run around the grid in just panties this would be it, my inventory would be nothing but.

this is one set out of her shop it is called Brocade ( oh so many colors to choose from i lost count) and come with Belleza and Maitreya Appliers, also included is Standard Avi system clothing.

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
*~*Damselfly*~* Katalynn Hair
The Panty Shoppe Brocade Maitreya Appliers 

My Skybox! lols
Bed : [*Art Dummy!] soma ( unfortunately Art Dummy closed)
Curtains and falling leaves: Kalopsia