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Easter is like 3 days away and with perfect timing !Twisted Glam released a Bunny Ear Gacha .
Way to go to fuel my addiction here Veri!! 
So this is me saying "Happy Easter" my fellow SL crazies. 
So i went to the Pose fair last week and made grabbby hands at so many things, i was like this little chubby kid in the candy store, drooling staring and just going uuuuuuuuuuh want! 
I ended up spending way to many Lindens ( lets NOT even talk about that), but i did manage to contain myself and buy the white room prop from Exposeur Props & Poses this is one part of it , i have to say i am in love with it, if i could marry it i would ! I'm just kidding i know i couldnt marry a box sheesh.

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
H ands are Slink also with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Appliers
TAOX OMEGA - FACE  "Hush" Lip Tattoo for CATWA
Hair [e] Karee 
Ears !Twisted Glam. Cute Bunny Bow Ears *Black* RARE 
They come in 10 Colors with 3 Rares 
Lingerie set Violent Seduction  Aphrodite Black for Lara Body  available at Kustom 9 
Tattoo .эlle. Omega Applier - Rose sleeves Faded (and FWI i am internally pouting for giving out that link cause i love them soooo so much)

Shabby Tabby  Egg Hunt Blossoms ( thanks Rosemaery! )
+Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunny - Sakura,  Fairy Curtain
White Room from  Exposeur Props & Poses Pose 19 

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