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We see it every day in SL, crap i think most of us have participated at some point, the long distance relationship.Birch send me their submission for Kinky monthly and it had me thinking, lol Yes i can do that some times.
I have been single for over a year in SL, mostly by my own choice, relationships are hard and even harder if there is like a gazillion miles between you and the other person. I am not saying they are not worth it or that they never work out, there are the few and far in between that survive, but you need to know for yourself if you are willing to put in the extra work it takes to keep things up.

Pic one

Long Distance Lover - Dildo w/ Porn

Once in a while.. Tapestry

Student desk - white wood

hammock chair . long

La Belle Fairy Tale Princess Birdy

A pile of antique windows

Pic 2
 Pussy Pocket w/ Porn

Toronto-Study armchair
Toronto-Study desk
Toronto-Study plant
Toronto-Great ideas
Toronto-Study shelf
Toronto-Study cabinet
Toronto-Study drawer cabinet
Toronto-Study carpet

No Worries Skybox -Rare

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