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There are many looks you can achieve in SL, it is not hard to be a bit different if you don't mind the challenge. I personally do not like Cuppy to look like every other Avi out there and i do try to keep her somewhat unique, recognizable if you want to call it that. I was almost in tears when i got my first mesh head having to give up my system face, and for the longest time i refused to get a head. I tried them all, every one out there at the time and finally settled with Catwa as it was closest to what i wanted. Now Bento is out and i was and am super exited about the endless possibilities!
Here is my newest experiment featuring parts of .::Supernatural::.'s new Gacha available at OMG 

Cuppy is wearing
Bento head Catya 


Alba - Asia 02 Skin Appliers

[ x ] Stitches. [ x ]
available at the Hentai Fair  

 Felicia CATWA Bento Maitreya Lara Shape (face is tweaked a little)

 Hyun Eyes Aqua


at OMG
Scarlett Headpiece - GOLD #11 RARE
 Scarlett Necklace - GOLD #13 RARE

Ivi Septum

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