Bookworms Paradise

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I read a lot! And by a Lot i mean there is always a book open near me and it really does not matter what it is i will read it. Books nurture your imagination, keep your brain working and give you paper cuts.
This morning i received  Raindale's newest release for the new round of the 2nd Level Event starting Friday the 13th!
Throw in some Deco(c)rate and YAY my own personal paradise ! 

available at 2nd Level Event starting 1/13/2017
antique frame
Candle holder ~ 2nd level gift
 Mauner armchair
stack of books x2 (left of the chair and on the chair)
 Mauner carpet ~ 2nd level gift

Rustic Entryway - Rainy Day
Book of Sorrows

 Cozy Winter Cabin

 Magic Frozen Roses
winter screen - stars
Clara Settee - Blue
Grandfather Clock [Dark]
 Steel Heater - Rustic Silver

LN bookshelf

Mesh Book Stack E
Mesh Book Stack C

 Flying Paper

Toronto-Study books stack
Toronto-Study books
Stockholm-Bedroom Books 03
Stockholm-Bedroom Books 02
Stockholm-Bedroom Books 01

Anna Books Pile 1

Pile O' Books

 hanging candle (steel)

hanging candle v1 / pearl M

Spring Dreams - Bookshelf COMMON

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