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Oh man did i mess up this one!
BJK had send me this adorable Library set for last months round of Cosmopolitan and i totally spaced on it until i went looking for books. 
Yea i wanted to kick myself and i feel really really really, did i mention really?, bad!

BJK Library Gacha
which you can find at the main store now
The Library Bookshelf
The Library Book Cart
 The Library Lecture Couch Brown
 The Library Lecture Couch Rosa
The Library Living Room Table
Library Sign
The Library Quiet Please Sign
The Library Carpet
The Library Floor Lamp

Mesh Book Stack E
Mesh Book Stack C
 Mesh Book Stack B
 Mesh Book Stack A

Toronto-Study books stack

Anna Fireplace White Bright Orange 

Summer Breeze Twigs in Vase

LN bookshelf

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