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I Win!

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So, how was Easter ?
Have fun? Eat lots of yummi food? Candy? 
Yeah me too! 
Logging in this morning i was dreading my offlines, but they actually weren't to bad and i had time to play catch up with one of my favorite girls and boss lady Luvi.
We got to talking about all the shit we have been through and how life throws stuff at you that at times you do not know how to cope. Between all of this  found the Box of Stuff i had picked up and it gave me this idea! 
We might be bruised and battered but We win in the end because eventually you pick yourself up and keep going no matter what.

both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Hair Magika Dusty
Shorts and Tank Top( Group Gift) Blueberry
Gloves Meli Imako

Scale, cat, water bottles and Doughnuts were in the Box of Stuff found here The Stuff Sales Room 

X X Y poses  Boxing 13 also found at The Stuff Sales Room

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