Do not try to control some one you do not know!

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I have fun in SL like every other person , my kind of fun is usually a bit more twisted and dark then most, but non the less it is my SL so yea  dont judge me lol.
So  i decided it was time to move along and put on my tracker again and have some fun with it, but some things never really do change though.
You always have that one that thinks they need more control over you then they deserve. And that is how i landed myself in this specific predicament. Any one who knows me knows that i do not collar easy or just for kicks and fun, not even in SL.

So this guy actually seemed quite decently level headed snatching me off Luvi and Darks sim while i was taking pictures. All was well until he decided he wants to force collar me. Yeah uhm NO , i will grant access to my collar during RP and only for RP purposes but i will not let some random person collar me, my punishment? I was sat in a cell for an hour by myself while he went off with one of his slaves, im stubborn , really really stubborn and locking me in a RLV cell for an hour with snakes is just , yea well boring. 

And it will most definitely not make me want to RP with you or let you go anywhere near me with a collar.
So i entertained myself  bided my time , and up on his return he gave me the choice again , total control over me/my avi or the cage i had been for the last hour already.
Well DUH , Cage, ive been making friends with the "snake" he keeps in there.
Another hour or so later i had had it, i was done , it is one thing to punish your own slave or sub for hours on end in a cell but , that was not me and it was not what i signed up for.
On the plus side i did some shopping and got a new friend 

And then he has the nerve to demand that i logged in in the cell *rolls her eyes * 

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