Spring is coming . not really but yea! feat. Chez Moi, Dirty Princess and Whats next

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So who else is sick and tired of Snow and rain and ugh yea just cold! Don't get me wrong i love snow , when its nice and fluffy and purdy but this crap? Uh no thank you.
So since i can not change the RL world to nice warm spring weather, SL it is.

It does not get much better , in my opinion at least, then grabbing a picnic basket pillows and a book to relax and enjoy some much needed rays of sunshine and work on that tan, yeah ok i dont tan so that is wishful thinking!

Set up 
My Skybox !

CHEZ MOI My Place (pillows with book) Free
                     Valentines Gift (latern)

Cuppy is wearing:
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara with Appliers from

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