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Trust is a funny thing, it is something that makes you strong but can make you weak  at the same time. The trust you put in to a person can break you mentally at times especially if the other person  breaks that trust. Once it is lost, it is one of the hardest things to ever earn back. It is not the same as forgiving, you can forgive a person in a heartbeat for the things they have done to you or did not do, but trusting them again can be extremely difficult to do. There will always be that little voice in the back of your head whispering in your ear, it can make you paranoid.

You spend time asking yourself : Can i take this person by their word? Can you feel close to them again? Can you depend on them not to let you fall ? And worst of all can you believe them when they assure you of all of this ?
In this virtual world we chose to spend our time in, it is quite often you meet people untrustworthy and even the ones we do trust can end up breaking that trust for what ever reason, and then it is up to you to decide if you can trust them because in all honesty there is no one who can make that decision for you.

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