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Never go to bed Angry

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I dont know about you , but i can not go to bed angry, I cant sleep and in the long run get angrier and angrier.Then it is time to get up, nothing is resolved you are cranky, tired and more then likely really peeved right about now.

Now if you are anything like me, you will have a splitting headache to accompany the cranky and moodiness and no amount of coffee can cure this, trust me I have tried. 

But what if there is no way to resolve that anger before your eyes finally give up and you pass out, like literally, ?
Well then you my dear friend are screwed. I have been on that end quite a few times over the last couple of months and let me tell you my crankiness has reached new Highs as of late or lows depending on how you look at it.
You wake up drained even though you have slept and it makes your day just really crappy.

Set up :
Scarlet Creative - The Arcade Mar 16 Anastasia Bed MT

Lisp   Anna Books, Maurice Side Table 
Dust Bunny vintage step ladder, getaway basket
*ionic* Fiesta Camera
[ zerkalo ]  Aurora's Hideout - Chair,  Aurora's Hideout - Pillow, 

+Half-Deer+  Coming up Roses - Frame,  Blossoming Birdcage 
Trompe Loeil  Free Pillow Toss 

Pose is :
 Glamrus  Not Tonight

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Hands are Slink also with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Appliers

The Panty Shoppe Conni's Set 

Hair Truth Damaris ( old Arcade Items)

The Guinea Pig is wearing Slink Body and Logo Head.

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