Travel the World with me

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One thing about SL is that you meet all kinds of people from all over the world, and depending on your personal relationship with them you form ties that can make you feel like you have been to their home country. 
There are great builders out on the grid that can recreate cities, landmarks even entire regions of RL places, which if you are anything like me and you do not either have the time or the finances to travel as much as you  would like, will give you a glimpse in to those countries! 
With this i would like to introduce my newest Sponsor  BIGBULLY a new up and coming Furniture and decor creator with great ideas and talent. 
I am looking forward to seeing more of them ! 

Credits :

BIGBULLY City Map Prints ( there are 20 in total for Gacha's) 
Scarlet Creative The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Wire Chair 
Fancy Decor  Wire Console (white) 
[Not a Toy] Pallet Wall Art World
Glam Affair Queens - World Globe
Zen Creations Summer Breeze Twigs in Vase
Kalopsia  Celestial Map Rug 
floorplan wire raincloud / short

Scarlet Creative @ C88  Wimberley 2 

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