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So i decided to venture over to the  Epiphany  didn't spend as much as i thought i would, not that i am complaining about that.
And behold my inner nerd came out, .random.Matter.'s Nerd Haven Gacha set made me giggle in RL and made me think of a couple of Nerd friends i have in SL ( oh you know who you are ).
I have been a gamer for 13 years and played many MMO's , im not in to console games i prefer the PC but this set just .. YAY ! 
I still have my World of Warcraft account and my DAoC accounts ( 4 of them lol) which i randomly activate and goof around with, somewhere i have a couple of Guild Wars accounts and not to mention SL ( which i do not truly consider a game) but in all honesty i do not have the time to invest in the raiding and end game content that you need to be able to compete. I dont like PVE i am a PVPer, i prefer going head to head with another player over beating on a NPC but even for that in most games you need to spend a considerable amount of time and lets face it, i have kids and work and a house, you can not just go AFK for god knows how much time at any given moment while playing any of those ( trust me i have done so and died many times lol). SL i can just walk away from and leave CuppyCakes sitting on her platform or store and it will all still be there when i come back an hour or sometimes two later, sometimes the next day. But SL itself can be consuming, i think if we are totally honest with ourselves we have all been there, each and every one has put something off because something in SL was going on you wanted to be a part of, or you were working on something that just took all your attention and when you do not have people, mainly children, depending on you that is ok. 
I guess what i am saying is that everything in moderation is good even nerdie game stuff like my oldest calls it

Available at the Epiphany  from  .random.Matter. :
Nerd Haven set : Throne of Games - Purple - Rare,  Projector Screen,  Tri Screen,  Game Station - Brown - RARE, Comics,  Headset - Purple ( Cuppy's wearing them), Poster [Aggro]and [DPS] 
MadPea BingeWatchers Speakers
!! Follow US !! Beanbag Chair, Rug
[Commoner]  Binge Watcher's Survival Kit / Couch Potato Chips
Fancy Decor Triangle Table
Bazar Stockholm-Bedroom Headphones (on the table)
[Cosmic Dust] Cosmic Cola
Toro Hockey Table

Cuppy is wearing: 
CATWA HEAD Jessica , Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara and 
Slink Hands with Glam Affair Appliers  Gabriela ( Asia )
Eyes IKON Sovereign Eyes Midnight
Pin*Up Lady Lace - Maitreya Tattoo Applier

.Olive. Flutterbee Hair 
 Blacklace Leave Your Hat On

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