I deserved that !

4:34 AM Cuppy Cakes 0 Comments

As children we are thought that spanking is always a form of punishment, you are not supposed to enjoy it or even ask for it.

As adults our outlook can change, spankings can be sensual, punishment, reward and many other things depending on the person. There is a time and place for spankings and never should this be done in anger.
I do not believe the true eroticism of the act itself is purely in the physical, it takes our brains to get in on the act itself before one can fully enjoy it in a deep and emotional way. Spanking itself is an art learned , practiced and requires skill.
Whether it is giving or receiving the mind absorbs the physical aspect and incorporates it in to our thoughts and fantasies.
It is a power exchange of sort between two consenting adults. The "spanker" must control his urge to prove his masculine pride because that would kill the fun. " It hurts." is not a phrase that should be associated with spankings the aim is a warm, glowing and throbbing sting that is slowly build up and hopefully gives both of you pleasure. 

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