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Hugs and Kisses

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For me Valentines is nothing more then a Hallmark Holiday, call me bitter if you like, but i dont think showing some one you care about them should be set to s specific Day of the year it is something you should do no matter what. Not with extremely overpriced pieces of jewelry  or flowers or chocolates, it is the small things that count way more, a little gesture specific to you personally that lets the other person know how special they are to you.
With that said I actually went ahead and sucked up my inner Anti Valentine bi*ch and did some specific shopping and Thanks to some talented Creators i found some cute  Deco and and something to wear :P

And yes i finally sat down and spend the money on a Catwa head, I like it but its something i need to get used to as i think it makes Cuppy look to adult * wrinkles her forehead thinking*

Set up:

Shabby Tabby :
XOXO Wreath for  Crazy Valentine hunt
Romance Heart stool 
Sweet Kisses Bouquet
Gacha Garden Event
Room divider grey
Decor box blue
True Love - Box wRoses
True Love - Pillow
True Love - Table

50L Friday Sale 
 Lighted Pathway - Heart 
 Spilled Candy Hearts
Message - Poster 1 
 Amelie Bookcase with decor

Misc. Decor
Stringlight Clutter - Heart
Hatsuyume / flower branch
Valentines Gift  (Lantern with Rose)
 Love is a candle light ( free )

#GalentinesDay - 3 with bunting For Gacha Garden

Cuppy is wearing:
both with  [Pink Fuel] Crystal Body Appliers
Lace Lingerie Pink and White
Mona Hair for we<3 RP
Sovereign Eyes
 Jewelry_Textured Hearts Set Earrings 

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