Breast Cancer Awareness Month feat. Caliente and Harry

6:21 AM Cuppy Cakes 0 Comments

Bright and early this morning the chicken butt Harry decided to challenge all his female ( funny how he only got the girls!)friends on FB to post Boobie Pics for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, i mean he did not even let me finish my first pot of coffee.
Im no chicken i did it not because Harry challenged me but because it is personal to me. But i got to give him just a little credit here he did pose for a moobie pic himself 

Eh i have seen better moobs Harry , jus sayin!
my reply to his challenge was hmmm im not so sure i did not really love any of the shots i took but hey you cant always love all your work. Right?

Now Cal had to chime in , I love Cal (most of the time) i mean who does NOT love a Lemonhead and im glad he did point this out .
Here ya go old Man <3 

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