Dare to Dance feat.Shai and Chateau Village

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Phew , its been a week and a weekend lol and i finally found some time to check out this round of C88. Let me say one thing ........... Beetlejuice! ( sorry i had to , and those of you who have been know what i mean)
Shai brought you some totally adorbs Skelly avis , i mean omg they are just to damn cute ! 
And what would i do with out my favorite Ginger by my side ?! 
They kind of remind me of Nightmare before Christmas . 

After our little Photoshoot i had to run and just logged at  Chateau Village, a Modern Fantasy RP sim created by Lokhe Angel Verlack and his better half said she only helped a little Mizaki Verlack ( the other Cupcake).
I managed to snap a few Pics before Linden Labs Tuesday Lag fest killed me.
For more Info follow this link >>>Chateau Village Website

The Catacombs are prefect for Ghosting around !

Be careful what you clicky you might end up like me in the middle of nowhere all alone and skeered!

I will return to finish this project when Linden Labs Lag fest Tuesday is over !

But there is nothing better then dancing with your favorite Ginger and a big boney hug.! And with this i dare you to dance! 

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