Beetlejuice?! feat. {what next}, DRD, Pure Poison and tres blah

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So i have finally found a couple of hours to get this one done!
Between Linden Labs continuous Lag fest , stupid people bugging me and RL I finally sat down and did this one ! YaY n Stuff!!

I totally love Beetlejuice, its one of my favorite Halloween movies and i am a totally proud moma this year cause my oldest has chosen Beetlejuce as his Halloween Costume! ( WOOHOO)

After spending way to much at C88 and Bambs yelling at me NOT to buy this chair and that couch (shhh dont tell her i did) this is what my wonderful mind came up with. 

The entire time squealing like a little girl lol cause i love this 

and yummmi Cupcakes!

Scene Setup
all found at C88 
DRD: couch, table, crazy clocks, lamp, tea set and Chair
{what next}:Witching Hour table and Cupcakes 
Pure Poison: Planty Couch

Cuppy's outfit for this one is from C88 too ( lol go figure) well besides the awesome shoes, tattoos and Hair
tres blah: Top and Skirt found at C88
Truth Hair Ryleigh (new release)
-TATTOOED= tattoo #34 (new release)

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