~~Waiting~~ feat. Catwa, SHEY, ^^Cheeky Amour^^ and *Ionic*

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Boredom struck and these must have FMB's popped up on my Facebook News feed. I admit i have quite a few pairs, mainly for pictures cause Hooker boots are not generally a style i go with for Cuppy but these were FREE with a really neat Color HUD and yea Dorkface likes hooker boots.
So uuuh yea they aren't that bad and actually kinda cute.

I had to jump over to Catwa and check out her New Mesh head and snagging the demo i decided to grab one of her new Released hair , because lets be honest i haven't liked much of her stuff lately but this one i adored and after seeing the price for the head i needed a pick me up ( i am not willing to spend that much just  yet lol)  

                                           Cuppy's Outfit
SHEY Talin Boot (free with Group, and 5 more pairs of shoes )

                                   CATWA HAIR Princess 
                                *Cheeky Amour *Lace Suit

                                       *ionic* nostalgia
                                //elephante poses// Fierce #3

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