[Pink Fuel],

~~ Chained ~~ feat. Epiphany,[RunAway], Kibitz (formerly Pekka)

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I am a total Gacha addict , it is so bad that i have so many Gachas that i forget i have them and randomly find them in my inventory :( .
So The Epiphany comes along and makes things SO much worse! 
On this one i got really lucky and did not spend as much as usual and got all the pieces i wanted fairly quickly 
I personally love well placed Chains and i am a sucker for Pearls, so this set was screaming my name .

                                       Cuppy Cake is wearing 
                                  Maitreya Body 
                                  Slink Hands 
                 Pink Fuel Crystal Doll Skin
              Hebanon Vial :Against the Stream Piercing
                         #34 from :::TATTOOED:::
                       [Runaway] Silva Hair Pastels
Kibitz - Gin Set mix of Gold and Copper available at The Epiphany 

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The Epiphany runs through November 2nd , so head on over and check it out !

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