Get Lost in Serenity feat. Serenity Lost ( Location) Reign and Pr!tty

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I love RP the darker and creepier the better !
You can call me twisted if you like and that is ok!
We all are a little twisted in our own ways.
A little over a year ago i came across Serenity Lost 
I have watched it grow and change continuously as Trina and her Team work tirelessly to give you a true feeling of being lost .

Once you land on Serenity you will be prompted with a group invite ( L$ 250) and asked to fill out a Sim Application to make sure you understand the rules of the sim . Once all of that is taken care of you should go get your either predator or victim HUDs , or both, and you are almost ready to play! some set up is required 

  In the middle of the sim you find a adorable little town, well at least I think it used to be adorable at some point, now its something you would not want to be caught in the dark in, wait it is always dark in Serenity.

owner Trina with Staff member Set and Patron Zach

The Bar seems to have been the hangout at some point and even now the Staff of Serenity and the Patrons try to make you feel uhm welcome? Yes Welcome was the word i was looking for *chuckles* 

Mr Zach stalking some one 
 if you are brave enough go take a look around peek in to the even darker corners of Serenity 

 but always make sure t be aware of your surroundings 
Some one could be lurking outside a window watching you and waiting for you .
 Today I ended my visit quietly watching the sun enjoying the peace and quiet that you can find even at a place like Serenity Lost , you just have to look hard enough!

Today Cupcake is wearing               
                               Mesh Body Maitreya Lara
                                          Hands Slink
  Shape Carolina by .:: Delusions ::.  which no longer exists I am sorry to say :(
                     Skin Crystal Doll v2 by [Pink Fuel]
            Facial Piercing Hebenon Vial: Against the Stream [Ink] 
                             Hair pr!tty  - Lilah - {Group Gift}
   Shoes with Socks REIGN.- Dolly Plats- Black for FaMESHed
                     Dress GV_Flare Skirt Overall With Bralet 

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