Failure to Thrive (Location)

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Today i had the urge to go explore and ended up with a desktop full of pictures all in all it was 37 of them 23 made it to my FB and FLICKR.
The Place that struck me was Failure to Thrive 

I Have a nack for finding off the wall places and up on arriving at Failure i already knew this was perfect for me and for what i had in mind, and i took dorkface along with me <3.
Along the Sim you will find doors like these , each one with a phrase .

We spend a good two hours here looking around and just enjoying the macabre beauty. And all in all it makes me really wonder what goes on in the designer head , and why she went to this extend and i admire Storm Septimus for her vision .

Even more i admire how she is able to take some things that separately are just plain creepy and turn them in to something like this

So if something out of the ordinary tickles your fancy (YES i went there lol)  head on over and see for yourself the eerie beauty that is Failure to Thrive

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