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As mentioned in an earlier post it can be difficult finding good BDSM furnishings, props, poses and at times fetish wear. Most of the stuff you find is massively outdated high prim and low quality. I dont know about you but i seriously have an issue with low quality.
If you want something that looks good and works great you have to pay a decent price for it but in my opinion it is well worth it. Especially if you use it for more then just the occasional entertainment. Stores like DutchieStockholm&Lima and Artisan Fantasy are some of the best around and you wont find anything less then top quality.

This is my personal set, it varies with what i have in it depending on my current mood and what ideas i have that day, but who ever said that SL's BDSM scene needs to be trashy? It can be classy and for the lack of better words pretty.

Rustic Display Table v2
 Bamboo Shibari Rig
Capturado Scrollwork
Capturado Paddle
Capturado Whip
Capturado Flogger
Capturado Knotted Flogger
Capturado Utility Shelf
Utility Tray v1
Capturado Cock Toys
Capturado Feather Ticklers
Capturado Pinwheel Set
Capturado Vibrator Set
detention cabinet
Guilty Pleasures Sideboard
Guilty Pleasures Hutch 
Storyteller's Burrow - Coffee Table
Hartley Deer Candle 
Spirit Set - Candles [Black]
Decorative hanging Cage with Candles 
Industrial Hanging Cage
Floor Pillows (EBH6 Hunt Prize)
 Anal Plug Mesh - Pink
 Anal Plug Mesh - Black
Polaroid Group

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