Some times all you need

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Sometimes all you need is a little peace and quiet, a corner somewhere , where no one bothers you and leaves you to your own thoughts, with out feeling offended or butthurt.
We all see it in SL numerous times a week or day, one of our so called friends getting their panties in a twist because you are not entertaining them. At some point i have gotten guilt trips and rude remarks because i have kept to myself.
Does that make me a bad friend? I dont think so, it just means i need some time for myself, to find something i enjoy about SL again or maybe just to be blue and grumpy with out making others feel bad.
Those people need to remember my SL is for me not for them and definitely not for me to entertain them.
M.Law Designs  Garden Refuge 
Grass from DC Creations which is no longer open
The rest is parts of my heavily modified Skybox from Two Moon Gardens

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