Cleansing Waters feat. Argrace, Cheeky Amour and {anc}

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With the Christmas holidays around the corner and a New Year looming most of us tend to look at things from a different angle then usual.
Some make New Years resolutions that dont get kept, some wallow in Holiday Blues and others dont think twice about anything and just go ahead their daily lives like it was any other day. Lets face it together. The feeling of being appreciated and thought of is something easy to give some one.
May it only be a simple 'Hello' it is not so hard to do, I sure as hell will try to make sure the people i hold dear and close in SL and RL know that i think of them and that i appreciate them.

With that comes the "cleansing" of things that makes your Life "toxic" for the lack of better words. Dont get me wrong some things are out of your control and there will always be something thrown at you that will bring you down a notch, but that does not mean you can not try to make things brighter around you, put a smile on a persons face, and that simple task starts with yourself.

Take this time to "cleanse" yourself so you may be able to show a person you care about that you are there and that you do appreciate them.

Cuppy is wearing:
Ribbon Bra and Panties from ^^Cheeky Amour^^ New Release this is only part of it the rest didnt fit the theme lol
Hair *ARGRACE* Akane - Misty
Body :
Maitreya Lara
Slink Hands Casual
No Mesh Head , still not willing to spend that much on one lol.

{anc} ripple. oil one of my favorite Deco Places besides 8f8...... just saying.
Sculpted Waterfall Screen by inVerse

Uh let me get back to you with that cause i cant remember what it was called 

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