A little D/S Lovin Pt.2

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We see it all across SL every day, Doms with their Subs or Pets leashed to to them dragging them across Sims thinking that that is what is supposed to get them to be respected (insert laugh here) or going up to some one offering them collars for what ever reason (insert dramatic eye roll), their subs and pets live in the illusion that they are special.
So let me explain my definition of collaring, most of which can be applied to online . Collaring is the Term commonly used  in The BDSM Community, it carries The same Type of weight and depth of Commitment that a Wedding Ring does, it does not matter What Form Of BDsM you practice it is a universally recognized symbol of being in a committed relationship.

Traditionally, when a sub is collared to a Dominant they are owned, they become his cherished possession and he becomes responsible for guiding them, their behavior, their training and nurturing their mind, body and soul, so to speak.
This is an enormous responsibility and not one to be taken lightly as he is responsible for the overall well being of a person, and handle wrong can cause quite some damage. It is a deep, serious and committed relationship that could last a lifetime and as such should never be rushed in to. The Sub needs to understand  what the collar means to prospective Dominant, so both of you can enjoy this journey together, to collar and accept a collar should be an honor for both of you. Hey but who am I  kidding right? It is after all a virtual world where one can be what they like.

 In SL ,online or  in general there are many different collars and meanings.
Here are three that can easily be implemented in to SL :  
Collar of Consideration: Traditionally this one is given at the beginning of a relationship it shows an interest in the submissive beyond that of an acquaintance.
Collar of Ownership: It is a sign of commitment to each other, like i said earlier , compare it to a wedding ring.This collar is the highest value, should be treated with respect and not given with with out serious thought.
Slave Collar: This one is permanent and given to a slave and it may not be removed by anyone but the Dominant.

No matter which collar you choose, remember what it represents and treat it with respect .
Most in SL treat  it as a casual thing collaring as many and to whom ever they can or have a new Dominant/Submissive every week, those people are frowned upon inside and in some cases become a joke. You will find players, fakes and predators in every lifestyle you choose for yourself , that does not mean every one in that life style is such person or that every dom/sub you meet in SL is a fake ( insert raised eyebrow here ' dont ask') 

With that said i am done rambling for this post.

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