Thoughtful feat. Junebug, Amacci and Failure to Thrive

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Have you ever had one of those days where you space out and just think ? 
I am pretty sure we all have had those.
Well it has been a week both SL and RL and today i just needed a me day, time to reflect and think, to just go and smell the roses , so to speak.
And as usual when i am in a crappy mood i end up somewhere off the wall on the grid, today it was again one of my favorite hiding spots Failure to Thrive. I honestly can not thank Storm enough for building this! 

I have no idea if i was blind last time i came or if she is secretly adding random things, but this just made me giggle , a lot. 
And by now you know me i had to just try it out !

Dont ask, i am just saying i was in one of those moods ! 

The eerie quiet always gets me , the random sounds and even though at first glace it is creepy it is still beautiful .

It does help that i had just went to *{Junbug}* to have some much needed retail therapy and Peoples shes having a sale ! i mean HELLO!

Cuppy is wearing:
The Ice Queen's Mink Coat in Snow *{Junbug}*
Alva Hair Amacci i got it from the Hair Fair this year , but it is out now as a freebie in store! 
Maitreya Body with [PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure Appliers
First Body suit is Sugar ^^Cheeky Amour^^
Panties are part of my Christmas Outfit i'm working on, so hang tight there!

As usual piccies can be found on my FLICKR

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